Profile of Amaguq: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Amaguq
Subspecies: Actic Wolf x Labrador Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years-old (January, 2017)
Birthplace: Labrador Island
At A Glance
One eye is an emptied socket with a horrid scar; the other is a golden orb gazing into your soul with an uncanny glow.
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Profile of Amaguq: Details
He is slender-built, with long legs and a concave belly. His elongated head stands out with a long muzzle, fluffy cheeks, and a pair of long tapered ears. His average-sized body is covered by shaggy white fur. His tail is long with a plume-like appearance.
He has a nasty scar in the place of his left eye.
He is cold and sadistic, a survivalist who's living by his own code. He’s also curious, observant, and insightful. Following the encounter that ultimately took his eye, Amaguq became much wary of bears in general. Despite this, he doesn’t shy from a fight seeking honor both in life and in death.
Amaguq was born in Labrador Island: his mother was a huntress in a small pack living on the coastline of Labrador Island; his father was a wanderer, native from Ellesmere Island.

Following a long arduous winter, Amaguq’s father wandered between islands, taking advantage of the ice corridors between them. He then managed to reach Labrador, where he met a skilled huntress that sharpened his curiosity to the point of him ending up getting trapped on the island when the ice started to melt.
For a year, he explored the land of Labrador, having met with the huntress from time to time. Both wolves forged a strong bond, and by the time winter froze the ocean again, the huntress was pregnant, and the wanderer faced a hard choice: either to take his place among the ranks of her pack or give in to the wanderlust and leave. With his heart weighing in his chest, he bid her farewell and disappeared behind the icy gale. The huntress acknowledged his decision, and her howl held the promise of loving him until her dying day.
Amaguq came into the world a few months later. Curious and daredevil, he quickly learned how to hunt. His rebellious and stubborn nature showed up shortly after when he tended to do things his way. When he completed 3 years, he left the pack to venture on his own. Like his father, he made use of the ice sheets that covered the ocean in the wintertime to make the crossing into the mainland.

During the arduous struggle to survive as a lone wolf, Amaguq faced many threats, one of which would give him a scar his fur would never be able to conceal. It happened in one brisk dawn of autumn: Amaguq picked up the scent of a carcass and followed it. The scent brought him to a grove of whitecedar, where he found two dead bucks tangled by their antlers; and a huge bear claiming the carcasses. Hunger made the young wolf risk. Relying on his agility he circled the monster, biting him at every chance he got. But he had no way of tiring such a massive beast, not when Amaguq’s bites had done little more than filling his mouth with smelly brown fur. Still, the white wolf believed in his victory, so he kept on dancing with death, swiftly evading the bear’s claws while waiting for it to forfeit. He realized too late that his efforts were only wearing him off. The enraged bear saw through his tiredness and lunged its mighty paw into Amaguq's head, tearing out his left eye.
Recognizing defeat, the wolf used its last ounces of strength to escape.
The cold of the following winter was essential to heal the wound, prevent infections, and ease the pain. The wolf kept on his journey, enduring the difficult season as a scavenger.
He ended up crossing the borders to Teekon Wilds through Bracken Woods.
Pack History
Lone wolf: January 2020 – present
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