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Full Name: Key
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (March 1, 2010)
Birthplace: Sleepy Fox Hollow
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Key has a small stature, golden- and red-tinted agouti fur, and angular features with grey eyes like her mothers. The back of her shoulders and her left side are the worst and most noticeable scars, followed by smaller scars on the right side of her head and her front legs.
Key was born in Sleepy Fox Hollow to a strained family that was slowly torn apart. Her father had no memory of his former self and with all the stress, her mother started to lose her mind. Her father, Arsenio, started to repair and remember in time for Jubilee, her mother, to disappear. Both her and her brother remained in the full care of Arsenio since then. Later in the year, the pack relocated to Hickory Stream Woods for a new start but it was still rocky for the young girl and finding herself a runaway from the pack only to return with the pleas to leave and search for the rest of their family.

They found their mother and eventually settled, but Key did not last there long; she wanted to revisit her family back in the valleys. After her short stay there, she traveled off and on and called no place her home.
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