Profile of Isari: Quick Facts
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Played By: Kaiya
Basic Info
Full Name: Isari Caetlo
Subspecies: Red Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 1 (June 18th, 2020)
Birthplace: Albermarle Peninsula, North Carolina
Profile of Isari: Details
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Isari has an unruly, thick coat that is a brilliant blend of red, brown, and white hues. Her eyes are a rich amber, constantly swirling with defiance and guarded caution. The wolfess moves with a swift glide of power, like the ruthless slash of a blade rather than a forgiving summer breeze.
Isari has always had a rather brash personality. With fairly questionable morals that favor head over heart and a razor-sharp mind, the wolfess tends to find herself at the butt of an impressive amount of petty disagreements; a fact that displeases herself more than she’d like to admit. Isari carries around a wary disposition like a blanket, heedfulness in every steady breath.
Isari was born on the Albermarle Peninsula, a large chunk of North Carolina’s coastline. She grew up surrounded by family and family only, never once settling down for longer than a month or two.

Her family would split and meet back, on and off interactions separating the majority of them more than she would have liked. Her parents would leave the children alone to care for themselves for weeks at a time and Isari had to learn to care for herself.

It was her uncle, Mazyor, that cared for her and taught her the things she holds dear now. He was by her side during every failed hunt, every scuffle she got herself into he was there to clean her up. He was, at least, until he wasn’t.

Mazyor passed on just when she could hunt and fish by herself, almost as if he waiting until she was ready, to move on. Isari never managed to get out of the nomad lifestyle, traveling far and wide for the sake of keeping a sliver of normalcy in her life.
Isari does have a few siblings, none of which are in game. If you’d like to play one of her siblings just PM me! In the end, the entire character will be up to you. Good luck and g’day y’all! <3
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