Profile of Calida: Quick Facts

Played By: Elle (The System)
Basic Info
Full Name: Calida
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2 (April 2nd 2019)
Birthplace: Canada
At a Glance
Large russet-and-cream female with jade eyes. 32 inches, 150 pounds, fairly muscular.
Profile of Calida: Details
Calida is a large wolf with a deep russet coat, black timber markings, and a cream underbelly. She has vibrant jade eyes, stands 32 inches at the withers, and weighs 150 pounds.
Pack History
Lone Wolf - Autumn 2021 to Winter 2021
Profile of Calida: Additional Information
Registered on November 24, 2021, last visited Yesterday, 01:04 PM
Calida's Signature
Health (20/100)
Calida is currently suffering from a concussion.
Attached Accounts
Player Notes
Hello, my name is Elle, and I'm a part of a Dissociative Identity Disorder system! I currently play Calida.
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