Profile of Calida: Quick Facts
Mate to Baudelaire
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: Calida
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 3 years (April 2nd 2019)
Birthplace: Canada
At a Glance
Large russet-and-cream female with dark emerald eyes. 32 inches, 150 pounds, fairly muscular.
Profile of Calida: Details
[Image: JffJq5c.png]

Calida is a large, muscular female. She is broad, stocky even, with vibrant emerald eyes. Draped in deep russets, she has dark cream unders, along with black and gray timber markings. She stands 32 inches at the withers and weighs 150 pounds.
Neutral Good

Calida is driven by the need to prove her worth, as well as her loyalty to her pack. She strives to be honorable and fair. While cautious by nature, she puts the safety of others above her own, and isn't one to back down from confrontation.

Positive Traits


Negative Traits

Unsocialized (and awkward about it)

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Year One

Calida is born, the only pup out of three to survive past two weeks of age. Her mother, Elaina, was a single mother, force-bred by some unknown male. Elaina had never wanted children, and as such, she took her pain and strife out on her only child. Calida grew up to be silent, to avoid her mother, and had to teach herself how to hunt. Elaina grew more and more unraveled as time went on - before Calida had even turned a year old, Elaina had taken her own life. The last memory Calida has of home is her mother's broken body lying at the foot of a cliff. From here, she traveled extensively, never staying in once place long. Because she grew up unsocialized, she avoids others as much as possible.

Year Two

Calida travels alone, avoiding everyone she can. Those she can't avoid, she fights off, and while she is no master warrior by this point, she knows her way through a one-on-one confrontation. She enters the Teekon Wilds in the Autumn of 2021, eventually meeting Lane. Calida is wary of her at first, and declines her offer to join Duskfire Glacier. When she later becomes gravely injured and almost drowns, she's rescued by Tuuluuwaq, also from Duskfire Glacier. He brings Calida to Lane for medical treatment, and it's here where Calida asks to join the pack.

While she heals, she becomes somewhat close to both Tuuluuwaq and Lane, and she eventually states her wishes to stay permanently, so as to pay back her debt to them for saving her life. Eventually, when she is more used to others, Calida meets a male, Iota, and she invites him to join Duskfire Glacier. He ends up lost in the middle of the night, and Calida began to search for him. After some time, the pack moves due to losing it's food source, and becomes Atautsikut. Calida stays behind, searching for Iota. After locating him, they travel together towards Atautsikut's new home in the Tuktu Hinterlands.

During their travel, Calida enters her second heat. Unable to resist the call of the season, she mates with Augur, and unbeknownst to Calida, becomes pregnant

Year Three

Coming soon.
Parents: Elaina x Unknown

Mate: Baudelaire
Pack History
Lone Wolf — Birth to December 2nd 2021
Duskfire Glacier / Atautsikut — December 2nd 2021 to September 2022
Theta > Etaˆ > Zetaˆ > Alphaˆ > disbanded
Profile of Calida: Additional Information
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Calida is healthy.

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Calida is mentally well.
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