Profile of Mori: Quick Facts
Lineart by shinzessu on dA
Played By: box
Basic Info
Full Name: 沈黙 “Mori”
Subspecies: Mixed Grey Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Lanky
Sex: Intersex
Gender: none in particular
Pronouns: any, seems to prefer they/she
Age: 5 (September 21st, 2016)
Birthplace: 影の山, Eastern Canada
At a Glance

Mori’s scent is an odd flat mismatch, contributing to a sense of wrongness about them, typical afab sex characteristics otherwise. Mori is selectively mute, and communicates mostly through a mix of empathetic eyebrow raises and frowns. Due to a quirk of nature, Mori’s fertility is low, thus they will be subjected to a dice roll every time they breed to see if they successfully conceive.
Profile of Mori: Details

A thin limbed massive creature, with a pitch coat, a ruff like spilled blood, and two points of color on their face, their eyebrow ridges, and under their chin and mouth. A jagged scar curves across their throat, hidden mostly by fur, but there nonetheless. Eyes the color of the dark splotches on roses.
A shade, a shadow bound creature with a flat, impassive stare and seemingly nothing they want for themself. Mori is quiet, calculating, and more than a bit feral when pushed too far, often deciding to attack first rather than allow another to get one up on them. But for the most part, the silent, statuesque shadow sticks to the darkness, and doesn’t speak.
Profile of Mori: Additional Information
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· Mori is not their name, or is 沈黙. Both are simply titles, one bestowed, one taken
· Mori walks completely silently via the same technique cats use, called “direct registering”, where they place their feet in the same tracks their front paws made.
· Mori’s expressions are incredibly flat, and they have never to date actually smiled
· Mori will be getting the silent protagonist treatment, as most of their speech will simply be “…”
· Mori is fluent in both Japanese and English, but often simply refuses to speak besides giving one of their titles if asked politely.
· Mori is most often found at dusk, dark, and dawn. They don’t like being awake during the day.

Mori's Signature

Mori is selectively mute, and their silences will be indicated with a silent protagonist style “…”
Player Notes
Mori is made for quick, impressionist posts. They take things at face value, and their posts will often be quite short. Their opinions are made in the moment, and are often highly judgmental. Their opinions are not my own <3
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