Profile of Arashi: Quick Facts
Malia <3
Hildibrandr Jarl
Mate to Fury
Played By: Heretic
Basic Info
Full Name: Arashi Tsukumo
Meaning of Name: "Storm, Tempest"
Epithet(s): Hound, Samauri
Spoken Languages: Japanese (native tongue), English (secondary tongue)
Subspecies: Canis lupus occidentalis
Size: Gigantic, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (06/15/2017)
Birthplace: Tanana Valley, Alaska (Outside of Teekon)
At a Glance
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Profile of Arashi: Details

ā€” A mixed coat of red, gray, silver, and coal
ā€” Deep, hazel eyes; cold and stoic
ā€” Built tall and with great bulk; a blessing from his father's gene
ā€” Scarred in odd, but visible places (left ear, nicked towards the bottom and torn on the tip / snout; a short, deep gash that never healed properly / a patch of fur missing on the lower portion of the tail / on the left dorsal foot, there is a missing claw, torn from its pad)


"Call me what you will... but I will never change."

"When will you get it through your deranged head! I said no, dammit!"

"We are not equals, so do not say it is so."

It is as if he is a man of two separate bodies, souls, minds.

When not level-headed, he is violent; enraged with pure strength and malice; lacking control and the will to stop before blood is pooled.

When not violent, he is level-headed; concerned for reality and what events may come.


Where most give him little credit, he truly is a talented being.

Born with a nose that can smell any afar and sight that takes in everything surrounding. Unless he fails as his natural, attentive self, nothing will be left unseen.


It takes much convincing to find a master for a hound who does not wish to serve.

All must have their purpose. Some choose to lead; others to follow. Unknown to him, is it, which he will do.

PLEASE NOTE: Any and all personality traits listed are susceptible to change at any given time. There will not always be updates made, so please do not solely base his personality from what you see here.


Littermate(s) ... Tsunari Tsukumo


Wife... Fury Brunhilde
Children ...
(adopted via marriage) Sovereign Brunhilde, Panacea Brunhilde, Elias Brunhilde, and Credence Brunhilde

Pack History

NITSURAGI CLAN (Clan of origin)
LONER (01.29.22 ā€” 02.01.22)
THE SAINTS (02.01.22 ā€” 02.07.22)
ā€£ Pledge
LONER (02.07.22)
BLACKWATER (02.07.22 ā€” 02.20.22)
ā€£ Acolyte
HILDIBRANDR (02.20.22 ā€” present)
ā€£ Pledge ā†’ Jarl

Profile of Arashi: Additional Information
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Trade Progress

General Trade: Obtained
Guardian: In Progress
Tactician: In Progress
Warrior: In Progress
Master Guardian: In Progress
Master Tactician: In Progress
Master Warrior: In Progress

General Trade: Obtained
Ambassador: In Progress
Ranger: In Progress
Master Ambassador: In Progress
Master Ranger: In Progress
General Trade: In Progress
Advisor: In Progress
Master Advisor: In Progress

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