Profile of Vanya: Quick Facts
Played By: Butter
Basic Info
Full Name: Vanya Cruor
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 0 (May 29, 2022)
Birthplace: King Elk Forest, within The Dominion
At a Glance
Large stature, cold demeanor, icy stare.
Profile of Vanya: Details
A lass of primarily warm cream and cinammon hues, Vanya is a vision of warmth in appearance only. Her fur is a deceptively inviting pale shade of ivory-cream, with a distinct russet mask which ends in a sharp j-hook under each eye, and a panel on each side that she shall wear as proudly as her mother might wear the blood of a foe. Otherwise, she bears only the faintest brown, white, and ochre flecking spreading from her brow down to the base of her tail. As her eyes settle onto a vivid blue the same shade one might find in a glacier, one will need not look deeply to find themselves met with a frigidness matched only by their inspiration. She is the very picture of Cruor stoicism, even from the start she will do her best to stand unwavering, collected, and positively commanding in everything that she undertakes. On her tiny shoulders rests an enormous burden - and it is clear in her very bearing that even as a whelp she does not bear it lightly.

An alarmingly frigid thing, even as a suckling whelp, there is little doubt to any who have encountered one that Vanya is a true Cruor. She seldom cries, seldom yelps, seldom makes a sound... and as she grows, this will translate into an innate ability to know when to keep her mouth shut, and when or how to speak. She will bear an early understanding of the weight words can carry, and how commanding they can be when wielded by a worthy wordsmith. Though Vanya is second only to her elder brother in size, she will show a heavy preference for using her words rather than her teeth and claws if there is a way around it. It is not so much that she fears violence or bloodshed, certainly not... It is only that she will value the training of her mind in equal footing with the hardening of her body.
Mother: Vex Cruor
Father: Vivaan
Siblings: Vidar, Venere, Vaska
Pack History
The Dominion - Royal (birth-present)
Profile of Vanya: Additional Information
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Hi I'm Butter and I'm addicted to Cruors
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