Profile of Faelan: Quick Facts
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Played By: Ambz
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Basic Info
Full Name: Faelan
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 1 Year (03/06/22)
Birthplace: Duskmire Ridge (Outside Teekon Wilds)
At a Glance
A normal, average looking male of medium build and height. Faelan is nothing special. A gentle looking wolf with warm amber eyes, that some days are filled with curiosity toward the world and other times filled with sheer weariness.

Black, brown, grey and creamed mixed fur can be found usually unkept, with clumps of dirt and fallen leaves clinging to him from where he’s either been laid down, recharging himself or attempting to give chase to something small and delectable… and failed.
Profile of Faelan: Details
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An athletic, medium built creature that stares at the world with light amber eyes and listens to the world with brown, ink rimmed ears. Faelan is your average-coloured timber wolf. Coated in a mixture of blacks, browns, greys and off white/creams.

Most noticeably a large band of black streaks down a portion of the male’s back. In some areas, the ink like colour appears to fade down at his sides - mingling into the other lighter hues of fur. A patch of off white/cream can be spotted close to the male’s shoulders, vastly separating the ink like snake that travels his spine. The ebony streak upon his back appears to stop in a blotch of black fur towards the end of his rump, slithering along the top of his tail until browns and creams dominate the rest. But black paints its feathery tip.

The young male’s head and snout are blanketed in many different shades of browns and greys, though this hue seems to darken slightly around each of his amber eyes. One can also notice two faint dots of off white a top both his brows. Fealan’s bottom half is the opposite from his back, light grey, browns and off-whites largely covering the area. This lighter hue travels to his long, athletic limbs - reaching down to each of his medium sized paws. His neck is also an off-white shade, aside from a visible marking of two dark rings that are located just above his chest/neck.

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• Courteous • Even-tempered • Vigilant • Conscientious • Kind-hearted •
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Growing up the youngest of the litter and in a close-knit group, he used to watch his older siblings rough house between themselves, whilst he, himself, remained quietly tucked away. He’d be found sitting and observing the mayhem and mischief caused from the youth of the pack, preferring to keep his distance, choosing to stay away from the chaos and drama. Peace and quiet were more Faelan’s thing. This making him somewhat of a loner.

Naturally kind, trustworthy and patient. Faelan is a wolf that is willing to lend a paw where and whenever it is needed, no reward expected. 'Treat those, how you’d like to be treated’, were his mother’s words when he was just a pup. But as time passed, Faelan grew to know that, sometimes, treating other as such wasn’t always the case. Sometimes in this world, you had to treat others how they deserved to be treated.

**More to be determined as he's played out**
Born into the Duskmire Ridge pack with three other siblings, and bred from well-respected parents. Droma, his mother, a pack Medic and his father, Varkael a skilled Hunter. The family grew up and lived an average and content life within their home at Duskmire. Faelan couldn't have asked the fates for any better.

Over the passing of time, and as expected, all the young were made to set out and train, each choosing their preferred profession. With much guidance from the elders, it was hoped that the youth would better develop their natural skills to become useful and more acceptable members of the pack. Toska and Jahni became skilled hunters like their father, whereas Miakko took it upon herself to learn about healing herbs and salvs, just like their mother. This just left Faelan…

Faelan, chose to pursue neither profession, deciding to drop his studies, to his parent’s dismay. The young timber found himself dangerously wondering and sometimes even imagining what lay beyond the rocky lands of Duskmire. Until that curiosity brewed, finally beckoning him to leave his home and journey into the unknown wilds.
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• Varkael ♂
• Droma ♀

• Toska ♂
• Miakko ♀
• Jahni ♂

Mate: None
Offspring: None
Pack History
Duskmire Ridge - Omega (Outside the Teekon Wilds)
LONE WOLF - Present
Profile of Faelan: Additional Information
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Player Notes
Hello! I'm Ambz (Amber).
I'm from England and I used to RP on Wolf many years ago before I disappeared.
I played Sylvas Streiter ._. and a couple others.
Since then, I haven't role-played on any forums due to putting most of my time
and energy into working and raising a mini me.
So, I'll admit that my brain and writing skills are rusty :]
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