Profile of Massaraq: Quick Facts
Played By: Lepos
Basic Info
Full Name: Massaraq
Subspecies: Canis Lupus
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Cis-Man
Pronouns: he/him/his
Age: 0 (3/23/23)
Birthplace: Ouroboros Spine - Moonglow
At a Glance

by Talamasca
Profile of Massaraq: Details
Massaraq has a pale off-white coat along his ruff, back, bridge of his nose, and around his eyes. This fades harshly into a dark grey-blue down his sides, sides of his tail, and legs. His eyes are a pale blue. He has a large but not bulky frame and will grow into clearly defined muscles. Adult height/weight will be approximately 35" at the shoulder and 150 Ibs.

Quote:A paled icy top coat, bridge of nose and under eyes, with darker grey-blue undersides. Like glacier floating in dark waters. Eyes of pale icy blue.
Written by parents: Aiolos, Kukutux, Sakhmet
Massaraq has a light (polite, easy-going, and somewhat shallow) appearance and manner upon first meeting. His depths are not apparent at first glance. He has a deep internal world that he does not actively keep hidden, but reveals slowly and more through questions than answers - especially in his youth.

In part from his upbringing and in part because of his own inborn traits he has a strong sense of curiosity about the world around him - other wolves, the natural order, other creatures, stars, and dreams. He believes in signs, hidden languages, and hidden meaning and often assumes and projects his own hidden depths onto others that he encounters.

While his questioning nature may put him at odds with tradition at times he has a strong sense of morality and ethical obligation towards others. He is a wolf who genuinely wishes to be kind and caring towards others and look after them when and where he can. Though he might appear shallow the substance of what lies beneath his appearance gives him a strong character that is not easily broken or moved from its course.
yagirhak - conception thread
algaak - birth thread

Massaraq was born to Aiolos, Kukutux, and Sakhmet and into the larger family of Moonglow in late March of 2023.

Kukutux, Sakhmet, Arrluk, Kassuq, Galana, Aiolos, Shikoba, algaak
Kukutux, siknik
Father: Aiolos
Mother: Kukutux & *Sakhmet
Litter-Mates: Arrluk, Kassuq, *Galana
Siblings: Ariadne, Arrluk, Callyope, Galana, Huojin, Kassuq, *Inkalore, Kausiut, *Lomion, Samani, Sialuk, Stratos, *Vaire, *Wilwarin

*not blood-relations
Pack History
Moonglow - 3.23.23 - present
Profile of Massaraq: Additional Information
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Art Credits
Lepos (me)
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Player Notes
Heya I'm Lepos - which is where you can find me on discord as well. Please feel free to reach out to me there for plotting (ooc plotting is fine by me!), tagging, chatting, asking for replies. I usually try to respond within the week, and mostly post on the weekends, but I am not very quick so do reach out if you'd like to wrap up a thread or skip me. If you ever feel uncomfortable or otherwise with a thread or my ooc behavior please let me know.
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