Profile of Acantha: Quick Facts
Art by Muryoko
Riverclan Pup
Played By: Rachel
Basic Info
Full Name: Acantha
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 0 (March 5, 2023)
Birthplace: Lost Creek Hollow
At a Glance
A tiny puptato.
Profile of Acantha: Details
For now, Acantha remains a small, pudgy bundle much like any newborn puppy. Her coat is pale, with hints of gold, brown and black throughout, which over time will become more pronounced as she grows. Her eyes will maintain their cerulean puppy hue as she ages.
To be determined ICly.
Born to Ash Paw and Ingram. Unknowingly sired by Sanguinex.
Littermates are Belvedere, Enelise and Esma.
Pack History
Riverclan · March, 2023 to present.
Profile of Acantha: Additional Information
Registered on March 06, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
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