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Basic Info
Full Name: Zombie
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (July 19, 2012)
Birthplace: Montana
At A Glance
A thin, skeletal waif that moves with a lifeless shamble and deceptively submissive posture. A coat of dull grays and whites, interrupted by patches of rust. Bright, electric green eyes shine defiantly from within sunken sockets. A dormant spark plug is lodged in her skull, near her left ear.
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Profile of Zombie: Details
Zombie is mostly light in tone, a mix of grays and whites with a small dusting of rust. Although she is well into adulthood, her form is still oddly lean and lanky—and somewhat on the smaller side for her subspecies. Her eyes are an electric yellow-green, the most lively part of her features. Carried in her jaws is the femur—old and dried—of an unidentifiable ungulate. After her release from the testing facility, a piece of metal is lodged in her skull, near her left ear— a dormant spark plug, though she doesn't exactly know what that is.
Zombie is more or less apathetic, and generally unpleasant to be around—she finds most other wolves insufferable, and her distaste for company grows exponentially with their level of happiness/cheerfulness. Her loyalties vary with apparently little reason; in general, she appears to be a flighty creature, but she is fiercely and intensely loyal to creatures and ideas she believes worthy. She has an unhealthy obsession with death and the darker aspects of life, for she believes that such things have been her only constant companions. Her greatest desire is to fulfill the role of naturalist and voodoo shaman, though even Zombie isn't quite sure why or what she hopes to achieve in doing so.

She has clear issues in relation to food; having grown up starving and scarcely able to hunt, hunger is the only state of being Zombie truly knows and is comfortable with. Another clear issue is her sense of abandonment and delusions of her own loyalty; she has walls so thick it's hopeless for anyone to get in, but Zombie firmly believes that the problem is with everyone else and most definitely not her. Truthfully, it's hard to see anything "good" in such an antisocial and mentally unsound creature, but there are rare moments in which Zombie shows evidence of a caring heart.

Though she is beyond her second birthday, Zombie still often behaves in a juvenile manner—a product of many different factors (the early separation from her family, months of malnourishment during the most critical times of her growth and development, the testing performed while held captive, and so on).

Although she is still prone to the melancholy that was her defining trait in the past, Zombie's personality is quite erratic after her time in captivity— but is generally more pleasant than she was previously. She still desperately wishes to believe in and connect to something spiritual, and often babbles to an unseen wolf that she calls "Jinx".
Born in what was supposed to be a "happy" family, alongside a sister and brother, Zombie was separated from them before her first birthday when a wildfire threatened their pack land. The femur she carries and uses in a fashion similar to a "security blanket" is all she has left of them. Although part of her understands this, Zombie's mind has since twisted this event and she believes they abandoned her and left her for dead. Since then, Zombie has moved from pack to pack—staying with none for very long.

Upon her arrival to the Teekon Wilds, the yearling was rescued by a wolf called Alo to live within the pack Ookaan. Within a matter of weeks, however, the pack was abandoned by their leader and crumbled... with it, so did Zombie's hope of ever healing to become a "normal" wolf. With the failure of Ookaan, Zombie laid down and willed herself to die—to be found by a young female named Jinx that demanded she get up and become what wolves are meant to be. Though she did not obey immediately, Zombie eventually found Jinx again and gave a blood oath to remain loyal to Jinx's pack, Bon Dye.

Yet again, it wasn't long before the pack was abandoned by its leaders. This time, however, Bon Dye did not dissolve completely. From it a new pack was formed, first calling themselves Blackfoot Forest, and then Blacktail Deer Plateau upon its migration. Though Zombie thought little of the wolves that remained, she did her best to continue to be loyal to the heart of what used to be Bon Dye. Displeased with her pack mates and their own divided loyalties, Zombie abandoned them to join the then-forming Northstar Vale. It was a pack that promised healing, growth, and sanctuary—something that oddly appealed to the yearling. With a heart filled with hope and intentions to heal, Zombie attached herself to the idea that she would find happiness.

However, once within the ranks of Northstar Vale, the yearling drew even deeper within herself. Zombie experimented with herbs, rituals, and haphazard voodoo... living on the fringes of pack life, she had once again failed to become truly immersed in and loyal to her pack. In April 2014, during an avalanche, Zombie was separated from the members of Northstar Vale. Upon waking from what she could only assume to be a rock-induced coma, Zombie now lives with renewed purpose—to serve the spirits known as the Loa.

Her search for Jinx, the only connection she had to the Loa, led her to Silvertip Mountain. She once again decided to follow Jinx, who had somehow become a constant thread in Zombie's life and motivations... but shortly after, while on an excursion that took her outside of the Teekon Wilds, the yearling was captured by humans and taken to a testing facility. Her memory of this time is extremely disjointed, often simply flashes when her eyes are closed, or brought back through certain scents. For the most part, Zombie is relatively lucid, but there have been marked changes to her personality. At times, however, she speaks nonsensical things or seems to travel back to earlier points in her life.
Pack History
In the past, Zombie has been a member of Ookaan, Bon Dye, Blackfoot Forest, Blacktail Deer Plateau, and Northstar Vale. It's worth noting that Bon Dye, Blackfoot Forest, and Blacktail Deer Plateau were technically iterations of the same pack. In April 2014, Zombie became a Lone Wolf, having been separated from Northstar Vale during an avalanche. In June 2014, she briefly rejoined Silvertip Mountain, renewing her loyalty to Jinx, but disappeared shortly after when she was captured by humans after straying too far outside the bounds of the Teekon Wilds.

From June 2014 on, Zombie was a Captive of SycamoreLabs (a testing facility), where humans performed a variety of experiments on her and other creatures. In January 2015, Zombie was once again a Lone Wolf, having been released by her captors. Soon after, she returned to the facility of her own accord, feeling insecure and lost in the Wilds. She remained there for an indeterminate amount of time.

In April 2018, she returned to the Teekon Wilds, though she does not remember how much time has elapsed since she was released from captivity.
Profile of Zombie: Additional Information
Zombie is partially inspired by Cy, from Gabriel King's The Wild Road Quartet.
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