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Full Name: Leviathan "Summer" Demonte-Ostrega
Subspecies: Gray Wolf x Coyote
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (November 29, 2013)
Birthplace: Kittiwake Creek
At A Glance
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Profile of Summer: Details
Bathed in a coat of deep black with swatches of charcoal and copper along his spine. Summer is tall, well-muscled and strong, bearing little resemblance to the gawky, awkward "Little Levi" he was in his youth but for the shock of bright, sunny yellow that are his eyes and inspiration for the nickname "Summer". His face is quiet and intelligent with angled features and a long pointed muzzle.
Summer has come a long way from his shy, anxiety-ridden youth, which is not to say it has not left its mark upon his character. He is a driven and ambitious young wolf who is both patient and intelligent in his desire for power and standing. He is a quiet, calm individual in spite of a rather combustive temper, which he strives to keep to himself. He has a fairly stoic demeanor that is shed only for those he trusts for faint smiles, mild amusement and, at times, a sardonic wit and humor - a trait he unknowingly inherits from his maternal grandfather. To those he loves, the visage can melt entirely into the boy he once was - soft-hearted, sweet, kind and charming in his awkwardness.
Leviathan aka Little Levi aka Summer was born on the shores of Kittiwake Creek, the only child to Dhani Ostrega and a female he knew only as "mom". Mom died a month after he was born and Dhani, heartbroken, never spoke of her until the day he left his young son's fate to the gods. Mom's death took its toll on her widower both mentally and physically. Knowing he was not long for the world, Dhani took his young pup on a journey to teach him of the world and prepare him for a life on his own. Finally, the day came when Dhani left him on his own at the borders of a pack in the Teekon Wilds, knowing only what his father had taught him in the previous months and the few words he shared finally about his mother.

Summer didn't linger long on the borders of the pack before he was discovered by their beta male, Jace. He soon found himself a member of the Sunspire - the first pack he'd ever been a part of outside of the pack of his birth. He was an awkward, anxious and uncomfortable child in their ranks, but found himself a friend in many of their members. He longed still for his father and grew sick with remorse over Dhani's departure. But time went on, and events soon began to unfold that would shape the man he would one day grow to be.

Only a couple of short weeks after his arrival at the Sunspire, the pack was visited by three wolves of a rival pack that had apparently been enemies of the Spire's founders. Summer knew nothing of this rivalry, but answered the call when the strangers were found defiling their borders. In the midst of the fray, the boy had come forward to corner one of the strange wolves and prevent her escape.

She had been young like him, and at the time he'd been unaware of why he'd sought to do such a thing as trap and help hold hostage another. But as time went on and he'd befriended the young female they'd kidnapped, Summer came to realize that he'd done so out of an attraction for her - one that would grow even after she and the other companion of hers they'd managed to take were set free.

Life moved on in its typical fashion from then. Summer spent his days in heartache over the loss of his parents, and now over the loss of Magpie - the young woman he'd come to know during her time as a captive of the Sunspire. He distracted himself with taking up the pursuit of work for the pack - hunting, learning more of the territory, and sparring with one of his packmates to build his fighting abilities. It was the latter that he found most therapeutic, but not even that was distraction enough to prevent the debilitation of the anxiety and depression he had long suffered.

It was around then that things grew worse. The alpha and founder of the Sunspire pack quite suddenly and mysteriously disappeared just after accepting a pregnant female into their pack and declaring her pups his own by right as alpha. His friend and sparring partner, Amekaze, rose to the rank of alpha in his stead, and yet Summer worried for the alpha that had been a good friend and mentor to him.

It wasn't until exploring the borders with Jace that Summer located the scent of mountain lion near their territory. The trail ended in a bloody scene that left the question of what had happened to their leader in a rather gloomy assumption. They'd abandoned the trail, and so abandoned the alpha to a hopeless fate.

Fall came, and with it came the arrival of pups and the successful continuance of Amekaze's reign as alpha. Things were well with the world, but still Summer suffered from his mental illness. It wasn't until mid-September came upon him that the boy found an (arguably) unsavory relief from the anguish of his psyche.

The poppies were an immense relief to his overwhelming nerves, and the days that followed found Summer relaxed, carefree, and drifting almost aimlessly through life. It was immensely gratifying for his overtaxed nerves and emotions, but he had begun to slip in his duties and responsibilities to his pack. He found himself away from home and uncertain of where he was too often, and each morning came with a sickness he could not shake until he'd consumed more of the mind-altering substance.

In the midst of his dabbling with substances that a stranger came upon the borders of the Sunspire. She was searching for her mother, who had come to join their pack in pursuit of a relationship with their late alpha. He had brought her into their territory out of empathy with her plight, and though he'd been unable to help her find the matriarch she sought, they had struck up a friendship that Summer grew to miss after her departure. In the time to come, Tytonidae would visit again and their friendship would grow until finally she came to see him at the Sunspire and did not leave again.

The pair fell in love, amidst Summer's teenage hormones and conflicting feelings for various members of his pack - including the brief return of Magpie, the first girl he'd ever had feelings for. When a wolf came upon the borders of the Sunspire, claiming to be of Sedona and a friend of Summer's still living father, it was Tytonidae who stood by his side as he bid farewell to the pack that had given him a second chance. It was Ty who agreed to be his mate, and left with him in search of Sedona and the father he had missed so desperately.

Summer and Tytonidae had reached Sedona without incident. The reunion of father and son was everything one would expect, and what ensued where some of the happiest days of the young Ostrega's life. He had a family, he had a mate, and everything seemed to be heading just where he'd always hoped that it would.

But, there had long been a fire beginning to burn within the young wolf's heart. As he grew out of his young and awkward shell, the Ostrega had begun to grow strong, ambitious and proud. These traits continued to consume him as time went on. As the young couple reached their sexual maturity, Summer began to grow intent upon breeding her. They tried many times to begin a family, but the effort proved to be futile. With each failure, Summer grew more and more hungry for the power having a litter would mean for him until finally, he spent his frustrations on another female of the pack and subsequently ended his mateship with Ty.

Soon after the affair, Summer decided that he had grown all that he could in Sedona, so he bid his family farewell and set out to make his own way.
Pack History
Father: Dhani Ostrega ♂
Mother: Ana Demonte ♀
Older Siblings:
- First Litter: Arizona ♀ and Memphis ♀
- Second Litter: Ciervo ♂, Andalusia ♀, Chehlia ♀, and Sumayl ♂
Ex-Mate: Tytonidae Redleaf-Disarinno ♀
Children (with Elyria): Elam Demonte-Ostrega ♂*
*Summer is unaware of the existence of any of his own children
Kittiwake Creek - Puppy (November '13 - January '14)
Lone Wolf - (January '14 - July '14)
The Sunspire - (July '14 - November '14)
Sedona - (December '14 - August '16)
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