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Basic Info
Full Name: Verrine Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (May 13, 2011)
Birthplace: Sedona, Arizona
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Profile of Verrine: Details
Verrine was not an overly remarkable wolf in terms of appearance. He carried the agouti-patterned coat typical of most North American wolf species, with varying shades of chocolate, cinnamon, grey, and cream. Along the upper part of his neck, shoulders, back, haunches, and tail was a dark peppering of black, while the lower portions of his body (belly, chest, face, and legs) were paler shades of cream and white. Cinnamon-red tones were noticeable throughout his entire coat, with particular prominence on the backs of his ears, parts of his face and muzzle, his shoulders, upper rib and haunch areas, and tail. He had fierce, bright gold eyes.
Verrine was honest, loyal, kind, and protective. He was also quite stubborn and linear in his thinking, which sometimes made it difficult for him to think "outside the box" and be creative. In his life, he particularly excelled in guardian roles and was almost obsessive about protecting his packlands and intercepting trespassers.
Ostregas are restless creatures by nature, and when he was a little over one year old, Verrine was taken by the wanderlust himself. He traveled north for a time before making his way to the Seahawk Valley on the northwest coast of Canada. There, by sheer coincidence, he met his brother, Chakra, and eventually settled down in Chakra's pack, Sterrenvuur. Verrine was exceedingly happy in the mystical, secretive forest of Sterrenvuur, and he found a comfortable role as the pack's "Hoofd Wacht" -- or lead guardian -- and earned himself a highly respected rank in the hierarchy.

When the alpha male -- or "Draak" -- of Sterrenvuur, Liyano, passed away several months later, the pack was crippled with devastation. During his time with Sterrenvuur, Verrine had formed a somewhat close friendship with one of the Draak's daughters, Julooke. She was inconsolably upset at her father's death and left for a few weeks to grieve on her own. Verrine worried about her. As his only real friend, he cared very much for her (.....and sorta had a big crush on her...) and waited for her to return.

When she finally did return, he made a wild suggestion to her -- that they both leave the Seahawk Valley and the painful memories it contained for her, and start over on their own someplace new. After some consideration, Julooke agreed, and the two set out together for lands unknown.

For a year or so, they traveled together with no particular destination in mind. Eventually they began to think about settling down again, but didn't wish to return to their homeland. Luckily for them, they came upon the Teekon Wilds, a setting not unlike their beloved Seahawk Valley and an opportunity to make a fresh start. They joined a pack at Horizon Ridge and by working hard and proving their loyalty, they ascended the ranks quickly. By the time the pack moved to Stavangar Bay in late June 2014, Verrine and Julooke were ranked Epsilon and Delta, respectively.

During their lengthy travels together, a deep and powerful love kindled and grew between the two. Verrine had been attracted to the beautiful young huntress in his days at Sterrenvuur, but it wasn't until he saw her at her lowest point (after her parents' death) that Verrine fell in love with Julooke. His feelings for her grew exponentially with the passing of the seasons, and when Julooke finally confessed her own feelings for him, he asked her to be his mate and she accepted (June 14, 2014). Shortly thereafter, Julooke became pregnant, and on September 14, she gave birth to their first litter: Charon, Kevlyn, Levi, and Liyaní.

Sadly, it wasn't long after the puppies were born that Verrine met his untimely end. While enjoying a warm afternoon chasing fish in the surf at Sea Lion Shores, he got caught up in an undertow and the riptide pulled him out to sea. He was never seen again.
Pack History
Parents: Leviathan & Chena Ostrega
Older Siblings: Mixik, Syntax, Esmerine, Dhani, Chakra, Chandra, Kalali, Taviana, Mordecai, Arden, Sonoma & Winslow
Littermate: Deshyr
Younger Siblings: Calico, Kelso & Ely
Mate: Julooke Imperii-d’Erom
Offspring: Charon, Kevlyn, Levi & Liyaní
Verrine's birthplace and the last known location of his parents and much of his immediate family. He grew up here to his first year; when he left the pack, he held a middle rank in the hierarchy.

After several months traveling, Verrine settled down with the Sterrenvuur pack located at Faerie Glen in the Seahawk Valley on the northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. He became a guardian of the pack and rose quickly through the ranks. By the time the Alpha of the pack passed away and Verrine decided to leave, he held the highly respected rank of "Hoofd Wacht" (lead guardian) in the upper tier of the pack.

Stavangar Bay
Held a middle-upper rank in the hierarchy for most of his time with the pack while he pursued the title of Guardian. He was a member of this pack when he died.
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