Profile of Arux: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Arux Sakari Kesuk
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf x others
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (January 3rd, 2012)
Birthplace: Ikkuma, Seahawk Valley
At A Glance
A spitting image of his father, Suluk Kesuk, with the personality and sharp, sassy tongue and attitude to match. A “perfect little replica” of the self-proclaimed and well revered Warlord of Ikkuma.
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Profile of Arux: Details
<b>Reference.</b> <a href="">By Tobyn</a>
<p>Arux is primarily a dark charcoal colored male. He is marked uniquely with a grey mask and saddle, along with white cheeks, mouth, and tail underside. His eyes are now their final sharp, fierce icy blue. Arux is tall and has begun filling out as bone growth continues, becoming, as puberty reigns and takes hold, a little less awkward and a little more precise and coy with his movements. It is undeniable that he will be bear-like as his father (and how it is so with most Kesuk's).<small><b>See reference.</b></small>
<i>Lawful Neutral</i>; Arux takes the foundations of his alignment to heart, possibly more than he knows. Though Arux is not particularly opposed to leadership, or being under it, he would much rather go by his own laws. Accordingly he would much rather be the leader setting the laws as opposed to being the underling. He was born for Greatness and he knows it. He tends not to shy away from the “destiny” he was allotted at birth. His goals have not changed as he aged, only having become more resolute and much more possible with each passing day. Just as his father before, Arux is a very serious individual, always valuing training over play. He had little regard for child’s play as a younger pup and less so now. In these respects, Arux is very much snobby and does not make any attempts to conceal such truths. He has always been a brashly honest creature, with himself and with others. Lying was not something that ever appealed to him and when he speaks of his ambitions, it’s not so much dreams of a child raised with high expectations upon his shoulders, what he was groomed to be, rather his confidence that he will be all that he can be. All that Sos and Atka gave him the potential to be.
The brazen, fearless, and possessive Arux has become devout, religious, with an unbending will and incorrigible stubbornness. Along side being charismatic and highly intelligent, his loyalty to his father has not ceased but it buried deep within; to those few he considers friends will be paramount. Loyalty in others is questionable (i.e. girls, et cetera). Will often assert his dominance over others - aiming to be a War Lord like his father. Undetermined if he will primarily follow Atka or Sos or even a balance of both the great bears. Will more than likely implore his charisma easily and mercilessly upon the fairer sex when he becomes a "teenager". Arux will often attempt to reign as dominate and this often gives way to a condescending nature.
The exact date of Suluk’s return to Seahawk Valley was unknown, only notable importance was, a few months later after gathering followers and spreading the word he claimed lands and Ikkuma had became an official pack under his youthful, but skilled paws, and prospered. It is unknown to Arux if Suluk ever reconciled with his brother, Anyu and his parents of whom he had become the ‘rebellious son’ to. Suluk did not speak of his family much -- only when it was to educate Arux on the superior lineage that he came from. Arux was met with the same resistance when it came to his mother, Corazon. He did not remember her much, and her death had not been mourned by either Kesuk male. Suluk saw her death as a sacrifice to Sos, that it had been the Dark God’s will and so there was no reason to mourn (giving the illusion that while he had never taken a mate after her **Suluk, for whatever reason, did not give Corazon the Kesuk name - idk, I think he became very sexist in his old, dinosaur age, lol** he did not proclaim to have ever loved her.)
Arux is(was?) well groomed as Suluk’s only heir -- apparently, Arux’s birthmates were sacrificed to Sos and Atka -- knowing the ways of diplomacy and the ways of war (though the favorite/only son has never actually been in a war) and everything that Suluk saw fit to teach him. It was not Arux’s choice to have left Ikkuma, rather, Suluk’s decree. Though, what, exactly, Arux is looking for is yet to be discovered.
Pack History
<small>*Is related to a vast number of <b>Kesuk</b>, <b>Tartok</b>, and probably numerous others.</small>
Was the only child of <b>Suluk</b> Kesuk and a female Suluk only knew as <s>Corazon</s>. He has an uncle, <b>Anyu</b>, <s>Arux</s> and his grandparents are <b>Tikaani</b> and <b>Sitka</b> Kesuk.
<b><FONT COLOR="#f7573f">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#cb5745">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9e574c">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#725752">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#455759">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#18575e">a</FONT></FONT></b><br>
<i>War Prince</i><p>
<b>Lone Wolf</b>
Profile of Arux: Additional Information
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