Profile of Memory: Quick Facts
Seelie Court

Basic Info
Full Name: Memory
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (April 14, 2017)
Birthplace: Mystic Falls, an outside pack
At A Glance
He has the lithe frame and eyes of a wolf that has seen unimaginable horrors and survived. From the right side, as of Apr 5 2020, his face is horribly scarred.
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Profile of Memory: Details
Memory is a smallish male, with a lean frame. His pelt is mostly brown, with black hairs mixed throughout, and cream on his belly, throat, and chin. His eyes are Amber.
He has a ragged scar on his chin and throat, and his left ear is notched. He is blind in his left eye, nothing there anymore but a blacked socket. His left ear is now lopsided along with the tatters of previous scars. The flesh of his left lip is gone, exposing teeth and gums in a permanent snarl.
Memory is a little self entitled, and agressive, because of his past. He is firm but loving, and tries to be fair in how he treats other wolves. He's torn between his past, and the wolf he's trying to become. After his injuries he became more withdrawn, more careful.
Memory was born to a shewolf who had attempted to escape from a pack of dangerous wolves. When he was born he was partially rejected, receiving his name because he reminded his mother of "A dark Memory." He was stolen by that very same pack as a pup, and raised in a violent, chaotic system, being groomed as the next alpha. He was eventually turned on when it was discovered he favored males, and was left for dead. He joined the Nightwalkers less than a month after Vengeance fell, growing attached to Valour.
Disaster struck after a confrontation at the border left him horribly scarred, and missing his sense of smell and partial sight.
Pack History
Pledged- Seelie Court
Lone Wolf
Nightwalker- soldier
Nightwalker- Grunt
Lone Wolf
Profile of Memory: Additional Information
Voice claim is Jason Marsden (Kovu from Lion King)
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