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06. Game Management - WOLF - March 14, 2015

WOLF is a member-focused community, though coding, maintenance and other managerial tasks are handled by our community managers (CMs), moderators (mods) and Pack Managers (PMs), as applicable. Our goal is to gently guide the community and keep the game fun, inspiring and safe for everyone.

If you need to get in touch with staff, please use one of the following methods:
  • Help Desk — General Inquiries · Posting here allows the entire community to collaborate and discuss inquiries.
  • Maintenance — General "Housekeeping" Requests
  • Bug Reports — Technical Issues
  • Contact the Staff — Specific Inquiries · Posts made here are visible only to the CMs and the original posters!
  • Private Messages — Direct Inquiries · When using group PMs, be sure to "Reply All"!
We ask that you do not use Discord to request staff assistance. Messages and tags are easily lost or overlooked on there and we prefer all formal correspondence to take place on the site. However, if you see courtesy violations on the server, please do report them to a mod!

The staff tends to be most active on weekdays but we will always do our best to respond to all concerns, questions and requests in a timely fashion.

Community Managers:
Autumn (Sialuk)
Chelsie (Aventus)
Kat (Towhee)
Lauren (Arcturus)
Starr (Rosalyn)
Hela (Simmik)
Jess (Chacal)
Sofie (Derg)
Summer (Huā)
Tallie (Talamasca)
Viz (Praimfaya)
Pack Managers:
Please see a pack's forum header for its leadership. Each pack's PMs are also indicated in in bold in their respective rank listings.

RE: 06. Game Management - WOLF - January 13, 2021

CM Handbook

Every Community Manager must abide by the following terms:
  • Content shared within admin spaces may not be shared outside of these spaces, ever, for any reason. This is out of respect for the privacy of members who reach out to us in confidence. However, CMs should operate in private spaces as if what is said may be made public; we do not purge our Discord channel or forum for purposes of transparency.
  • Conversations held with a CM in confidence will never be shared with other staff unless deemed okay. Members can approach any CM at any time with concerns about another member or CM. This conversation will only leave that private sphere if indicated and agreed upon. That being said, feedback is a gift; we will be better enabled to make positive change if the entire CM team is made aware of difficult situations and criticisms.
  • CMs will no longer participate in member discussions with opinions or determinations. We may ask clarifying questions or enforce courtesy, but outside of that, any CM discussion will take place behind the scenes in order to allow members to voice their own views.
  • CM-posted polls will always enact the majority winner. Even if you may not feel strongly about the outcome, we encourage you to participate in polls by indicating your preference. We truly want everyone's voice to be heard.
  • Policy changes and site updates will always be announced from the @WOLF account. Discussions may not always result in a change, but staff will always read these threads and consider the positives and drawbacks of any views within. Generally, this discussion will include:

    — A summary of viewpoints and the tallied total of members for each.
    — A summary of the arguments for/against each viewpoint.

RE: 06. Game Management - WOLF - March 30, 2021

Mod Handbook coming soon?