September 29, 2015, 06:48 PM
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We're always looking for skins for WOLF! Rather than having periodic skin drives, we'd prefer to have a thread that is always open for skin submissions.

Please note that while this is an animal RPG, these skins occur across the entire board aside from pack forums, and not everybody wants to have animals on their screen when browsing Wolf from home, work, or mobile! For that reason, scenery is very strongly preferred, as it is much more discrete and generic.

Creative Commons: Whenever possible, please try to use images that are Creative Commons copyright compliant. Creative Commons images are free to use and share, so long as they aren't for commercial profit, and are therefore safe for use on our website.

Banner size: 3000x890px and 2000x594px are the best sizes to use. 1180x350px can work, but does become distorted on high resolution monitors, so the larger sizes are preferred.
Please try to find high res images! If they're way too grainy, we can't use them!

Colors: Please choose bright colors! It makes it much easier to see links.

Submitting: You may submit your banner images in this thread. We rotate these out every season. Feel free to hang on to banners we don't choose this round and submit them next time. This thread is periodically pruned, so they won't be saved here.

Name of Skin: Or we can choose one for you.
Banner URL: We'll rehost it on our servers.
Credit: This is your byline. If not filled out, we'll use your OOC name or account name.

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!
February 26, 2020, 03:17 PM
These are all fantastic! Thank you, @Maegi and @Deimos, we're all set for spring 2020. Our batch will go live on March 1. :)

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