Stone Circle Easthollow
October 09, 2017, 09:16 AM

Basic Information

Pack Name: Easthollow
Location: Stone Circle
Acronym: EH
Founded: October 1, 2016
Founding Leaders: Steady
Founding Subordinates: Valette, Grayday, Anita, Chaska, Philos, Eden, Alyssum, Adeline
Pack Colors: Aurora Pink (#E97781) and Dusk Purple (#838bb4)

Current Leaders:
Valette — Matriarch: January 22, 2017 till Present
Greyback — Patriarch: January 15, 2019 till Present

Past Leaders:
Steph — Keeper: October 31, 2018 till January 15, 2019
Stark — Alpha: March 9, 2018 till June 22, 2018
Krypton — Beta: July 9, 2017 till September 24, 2017
Ezekiel — Beta: July 9, 2017 till August 24, 2017
Steady — Alpha: October 1, 2016 till April 14, 2017
Valette — Beta: October 3, 2016 till January 22, 2017

Pack Philosophy

Easthollow was founded on the principles of family. Each wolf that resides within it are not only considered a pack mate, but a family member, and they are treated as such. Easthollow is lead by their Matriarch and Patriarch. The leaders feel that all family members of the pack should have a say in the decisions that are made. The Matriarch and Patriarch, Valette and Greyback, feel their role is more to keep the peace with the family members and to make sure that things remain fair. They prides themselves on loyalty, dedication, and protection of the family, and expects their family to adopt the same attributes.

October 09, 2017, 09:18 AM

Pack Territory

December 23, 2019, 11:46 AM

A brief glance into Easthollow's History

2017, The Founding
Easthollow was formally known as Silvertip Mountain. Due to overcrowding around the mountain, the family decided to relocate to Stone Circle and rename themselves Easthollow.

2017, The Betrayal, and change of Leadership
Valette brought Eden to Steady, who then confessed to mating without permission. Steady felt betrayed, for he had offered her a home, food, and protection, and she had yet to do anything for the pack to show that she deserved it, and now she may be pregnant. Steady demoted her to Omega until further notice. Eden rejected her punished and called for her sister. Steady and Valette attacked them both, running them out of the territory, with Steady promising to kill Eden if he ever saw her again. Once back into the territory, Steady offered the position of Beta to Valette, for her everlasting support when it came to the pack.

2017, The Horrible Loss
On April 14th, Easthollow lost their wonderful leader Steady. Valette, who had previously became Steady's mate, was devastated by the loss. However, she took over his spot as the alpha of the pack. She promised him she would keep on leading Easthollow as he wanted.

2017, The first generation of Easthollow pups
The loss of Steady was hard on Valette. She never got the bear his children and bring a new generation to Easthollow. When her heat arrived she used Ezekiel as a sperm donor. Giving him the chance to step up as a father and perhaps have their relationship rekindle while raising young, as had happened between Steady and Valette when they raised their adoptive children Nikai and Keoni. She even made Ezekiel Beta for the duration of her pregnancy. However it was not meant to be and the male left Valette and Easthollow. Still, even with all the drama that surrounded the newborns Valette made sure that the three pups (Steph, Clary, and Ezra) were born into a loving home.

2018, Keoni's Death
Another heavy loss for the pack. One of the first pups that grew up in Easthollow, Keoni, was dead. Especially for the alpha female, Valette. However, in the moment of sadness she found a shoulder to cry on, Stark's shoulder to be specific.

2018, A new Alpha male
When spring came, Stark and Valette had grown closer. Valette became mates with Stark. For the pack this meant a change in leadership. From that day, Stark ruled with Valette as Alpha male of Easthollow. With Valette's heat coming in a few weeks later and her eagerness for more pups. The second generation of Easthollow was created; Merrit, Keen, and Arlette.

2018, The unwise decision
When a small family of two adults and few children came to their borders for help, the Easthollowers denied them for not having enough room and enough food for all of them. While the alpha female, Valette, had trouble with denying them. The alpha male, Stark, didn't and rejected the family.

2018, The vanishing
Soon after, Stark became ill. The alpha female had to run a pack, raise her kids, and take care of her sick mate. It was tough on the whole pack, especially when the strangest thing happened. Stark vanished from his sickbed! Until this day no one knows if Stark left himself, abandoning his family, or was taken, or killed. No blood, or tracks were found by the den. This left the alpha female once again with a broken heart and children to raise by herself.

2018, New family structure
With Valette being the sole leader once more, she decided that she wanted to change the way the ranking worked in their family. She would become the Matriarch instead of the alpha female, since she more felt like a mother to each of her pack mates than a leader. She wanted the pack to be a family and have the ranks reflect that.

2019, The new Patriarch
Battled through loss and heartbreak, Valette was certain she would not find love again. It was as much as a surprise to her when things started to blossom between her and the galant bear of a male, Greyback. This male had been a good friend to her, even while she was mated with Stark. While at first their relation was kept secret, in the new year, they came forth with the news. This also meant Easthollow now had a Patriarch.

2019, A new year with even more children
With a new spring quickly approaching, and Easthollow having been lead by a couple once more, another generation of pups would be born. This time Valette gave birth to six pups of which four were alive. They were named; West, Newt, Leta, and Clay. The matriarch also took in Laurel, who was pregnant, with his sister Laurel and son Marten. She would have three children born in Easthollow; Riley, Charles, and Louie. They would be the first pups born into Easthollow, where the mother wasn't leadership.

2019, The attack on Leta
Remember that family that was denied? Well the leading mother returned to Easthollow's borders to take revenge on them and tried to kill Leta. Luckily Leta did survive the attack. The woman managed to escape and Easthollow is still on the look out for Caiaphas. Leta survived her wounds, and everyone thinks she is fine, but she might not be after all...

2019, The Earthquakes
Easthollow's ground shook and ripped due to earthquakes. This caused they prey to move away from their territory and a famine to start. Easthollow almost had to move their pack's territory if they didn't want to starve. With the earthquakes, a lot of members were lost. Some returned but some didn't. Including one of the Matriarch and Patriarch's son Clay and Indra who died. Luckily, after the quakes stopped the prey returned and Easthollow could recover from the famine.