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Harley’s journey had been a long one — though she was a practiced ranger, the blistery winter snows did not make the task any easier. It stung her nose as well as her toes, but it always made her surroundings undeniably beautiful. The frozen matter settled upon tree branches and the ground, shielding from sight the ground’s barrenness of any grasses or vegetal life. That was the beauty of winter; that it could hide so many truths, and with such ease! The starkness and the frigidity of her environment helped to also obscure and ignore of her own truths — and it was those realities that she preferred not to linger upon.

Despite the cloud-like blankets of snow, Harley traveled reluctantly. A task that had once given her such pleasure, she now did with such distaste! Perhaps this was how it was when one was departing from their home — the chocolate girl had not wished to ever know this experience, but here she was. Cold, and alone... and so very, very cold!  With a huff and a roll of her shoulders, Harley busied her legs and, once again, tried to distract her mind with movement... but relief never lasted too long.