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[Image: insubra2.jpg]
        he was healing.
        for the gaul, that meant his sense of restlessness had increased — venextos was near to him, but garait felt wanderlust spur in his heart. he had not yet sorted his grief; he did not wish to remember, and so avoided studiously every memory of what had happened such a short time ago. the afternoon wore brightly, though the air was frigid. gathering himself, the brennus set off for the wide expanse nearby.
        in the springtime, garait surmised it was a flower-dappled place — for now, it was quiet beneath its blanket of snow. he did not like to be out in the open for long, but the scents of marmot and rabbit were here, and he must hunt. he paced noiselessly, seafoam eyes searching for any hint of movement.