Kintla Flatlands you can't make me disappear.
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This was the emotion that wrapped itself through the tall brute's whirling mind as his paws brushed over the cold ground. The frigid air that hung in the air was comforting to him as he scaled the unfamiliar landscape, looking to pinpoint something at least mildly familiar. The birds that slived through the sky above him let their shrill songs echo to the far reaches of the horizon, but they did nothing for him except cause the tip of his ear to twitch in irritation. He turned his icy eyes back towards the ground, tilting his head ever so slightly.

Xephyr let his long maw hang open a tad, tasting the breeze as it assaulted the flatlands around him. The stale scent of other wolves washed over his tongue and through his nose, though none seemed to be near. He shifted his weight from paw to paw as he slowed to a stop, trying to work a kink from his shoulders that had settled about two miles back. 

When he had left his home of three years, Xephyr had no plan set in his mind about where to go. All he knew was that a change was needed, so change he found. He had spent nearly the last year with absolutely no contact involving his species. The only living creatures that fell in his path tended to be prey- and he made sure that they were not living for long. The pale red that stained the fur lining his front paws and his jaws were a good indicator of that. 

A sharp growl that resonated through his stomach reacted quickly to that thought, however. He needed to eat someting soon.