Blackfeather Woods In that world, everything is stopped
Private  January 12, 2018, 05:16 PM
The Melonii
Maybe @Astrid for an assassin training thread? :o I feel like he'd come to her first haha, but only if you have time ^-^

The moon rose high and mighty in the sky tonight, like royalty shining with all the glory it could possibly hold within its grasp. It was certainly a sight, a beautiful orb of glowing light in the black sky that he so appreciated. The best time, he had decided firmly, was when the moon casted beams of light into the cracks of darkness and casted great shadows upon the ground.

The Reaper was in search of somebody he had not spoken to in a while. Perhaps it was a mistake on his part, though he was sure the darkened figure he knew almost as a mother had seemingly vanished from the Woods for a while. But no matter, he could trace her scent now. She was here, somewhere. The boy, with his ashen coat that seemed to fade in and out from the shadows - he stalked, weaving his way inbetween looming trees that rose elongated shadows from their crooked bases, sharp gaze piercing the darkness as if he might miss her drifting past.

If I cannot bend Heaven,
I will raise Hell.