Broken Antler Fen the journey
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anyone at all is welcome! :D bonus points if they knew Burke. :p

Cicero had brought @Euron and @Ramsay this far, knowing he needed to go west to find Burke but having no idea where exactly, and they had taken some time to rest in a nearby territory. Cicero felt a bit more at ease knowing that they'd put Lake Rodney between themselves and Redhawk Caldera, as the journey towards this place had been strikingly slow. The water at the fen wasn't much of any good, as it was too little and therefore too thick ice to break, so Cicero had moved to Lake Rodney where he had jumped on the ice until it broke enough for them to have a small drinking hole.

After drinking their fill Cicero continued back towards the Fen, a dreary-looking place with a very abandoned feel to it. "Cicero will scavenge some," he had told the pups and with a limp to his step and his body still caked in old blood that made it hard to see just how wounded he was exactly, Cicero set off deeper into the Broken Antler Fen territory. He looked around various places until by sheer luck he happened to find a tiny den covered in dirt. It looked loose enough but as he started to dig Cicero realised it was frozen, too. He scratched until his paws bled, but at the end of the dirt he found a scrawny rabbit's leg. It wasn't much, but at least the pups would have something in their mouths. Upon shaking legs he started making his way back to where he'd left them, leaving behind a small trail of blood coming from the broken nails and toes on his front paws.