Blacktail Deer Plateau Oh how we've grown
All Welcome  February 20, 2018, 11:46 AM
Comrade III
Feeling good enough that he considered himself one hundred percent better, he went toward a part of the territory that he hadn't seen in quite some time. The field where he'd pulled off a successful hunt on a flock of sheep that his father had found. Due to it being winter he hadn't expected the sheep to be out again, but whether due to the lack of snow as of recent or the warm weather of the day there they were grazing on the patches of grass uncovered by melting snow.

His tail swayed eagerly as he moved closer, circling the outside of the herd from a good distance as he tried to spot some good prey options. He didn't want to rely on killing the young again, they were the ones that could breed and keep the flock high in members. He spotted a sheep straying behind, gingerly placing her foreleg down on the snow and walking on it as quickly as possible before switching limbs. She had a limp, she'd be easy enough to get away from the herd where he could try and take her down.

He circled around to the other side instead of cutting through and then rushed in at the lame female, coming from between her and the herd and snapping his jaws to get her moving away from the others again. He'd wear her down a bit before going for the kill and maybe he'd be so lucky as to have some help stumble upon him.

Birdcatcher: 4/10