Stavanger Bay Sleeping with the fishes
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@Sandpiper perhaps? After the thread with undersea

Her hackles bristled along her spine and she growled low in her throat. She had been embarrassed and made to look like a child in front of their new neighbors by a wench who seemed to think that her relation to the captain made her more important than everyone else. Perhaps this was true in her and smokesteps book but in Awinita's it was not. She hadn't seen anything to believe that Sandpiper deserved her subservience and respect. Rosalyn and Smokestep werr her higher ups that she knew of and they had earned her liking and respect. 

She lay on the sand with a piece of drift wood  between her paws,taking out her frustrations by gnawing at it and shredding the wood with her fangs. Low growls and grumbles voiced her aggravation as she worked not thinking anyone was around. "How dare she? I'm not some lowly brat she can push around"she growled and with a good snap of her jaws broke the wood in half.