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All Welcome  May 30, 2018, 01:56 PM
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Hexe was wholly consumed in her own little world and hardly noticed that two tragedies in a row had struck the pack and that their crew had less numbers. She felt the grim mood of some in passing, but was not particularly curious, why was it so, when there were so many more important matters at hand. 

Such as establishing treasure spots.

Quite often ocean brought odd items to the shores and, while they had held no interest for the dappled wolf in the beginning, ever since discovering that an old wellington boot was nice for chewing and playing, she was very keen on going through every piece of trash she could find. 

And today it was an old, rusted, tin paint bucket - of course - Hexe had no idea, what it was or what it was for, she had simply found it to be to her liking and decided to hide in one of the many places on the map, where a red "X" marked location to treasure. She had grasped it by one side so that her upper jaw was encased in the bucket and it made it a little difficult to see and navigate. But still she tried and, except for few bumps into trees and tripping over some roots, she managed to get forward quite well.