Shadewood and it was not meant that we should voyage far
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Gluskap had grown sick of the ocean.
Having been sent by the dark Heda of the wilds and into the unknown world of Trigeda, the coywolf had found himself quite bored by the comings and goings of their pack there. After having learned all that he could, Glu had left the wolves of the oceanside and ventured back to where he knew his sister to be.
It had taken him long enough to trek through the rough wilds but having arrived was a sign of change that stirred the rapid beating of his heart. Adrenaline coursed through him as the coywolf stepped into the shade of the wood. The fiend would aim to keep clear of where the Heda had last been when he had pledged himself to her pack before. It was a new year, and Gluskap no longer belonged to the reigns that had held him down before.
Nose to the earth, the coywolf trotted lazily beneath the boughs of the large trees. The stub of his tail moved just slightly when he caught the tail wind of a rabbit.