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One for @Grayson.

Her life had always been a comfortable one. She'd been reared as the only daughter among boys by an Alphess whose mate had perished mere days before whelping their litter, and relied heavily on the guidance of her mother in the absence of a father figure. Snowfall was sure to teach her children to always support the family, but firstly must take care of oneself. It was with belief that, to truly embrace the independence that her dam instilled in her, Quicksilver departed her birth pack to turn toward real freedom.

It didn't take long to miss the comforts of home, but pride willed her to maintain the path she'd chosen. The pallid yearling pressed on for months, meeting many new faces and exploring her vast options, until she happened across a specimen worthy of her attention. Grayson was delightful in every way: handsome, charming and, without knowing why, suddenly became everything she'd ever wanted.

Quicksilver rooted herself among those in his father's pack, and continued to openly admire the pale-eyed heartthrob in her short time there. There was no hesitation when Gray chose to move on, having fooled herself into believing that she'd follow him to the ends of the earth.

She was glad to set up camp in Silver Creek, which offered an opportunity for the group to settle and figure out their next plan of action. Quicksilver did not venture far, though had explored the surrounding areas when Grayson and some of the others scouted ahead. On that particular afternoon, the sterling beauty basked beneath in the Winter sunshine alone, grooming her fine paws and primping her fur to further pretty herself in anticipation of the Prince's return.
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grayson spotted her from a short distance, eyeing her slender frame and pale-colored pelt. of course, he analyzed every woman he came across like this. boiling her down to just plain features. this one, he had decided, was quite nice on the eyes. good, he thought, that was the sort they needed around here.

he let out a low boof as he approached, noting her sunbathing. but of course, what else was there for a woman to do in the winter-- since she had no children to look after and gardening was no so easy in the colder months. lie around and gossip, grayson supposed, was really all there was to do to busy themselves. "hello," he greeted, stopping a few sweeping steps before her and peering down upon her with a curious, but amiable, pair of white iris, "having a good afternoon?"