Ravensblood Forest Say my name
December 06, 2018, 08:46 AM
Wild Fauna

@Zugzwang hope you don't mind Ravenblood Forest! Maybe he can show her the beach

The female been traveling over the mountains, while there were some good spots she might be able to settle she had not fond any sign of a male cougar. Life would be pretty boring as she needed a male if she wanted more cubs. Besides, she was not going to settle for the first place she liked. Now she had left her home there was less of a threshold to continue to explore. As she moved west she noticed that the air was getting different. There was salt in it. As she got to the edge of the forest it all felt very bright and open. Forsythe disliked that idea. 

The female decided to wait until it was dark, perhaps then it didn't feel as dangerous. She was not a timid creature, however, she was careful where she would go. She preferred darker places and this forest was to her liking. She could rest here and see if there was some food for her. Perhaps even look for more clues if there was someone of her kind around. She realized she might go in season soon as she felt the need to look for one of her kind, correction a male of her kind.