Chimera Fields there's frost on every window
December 07, 2018, 11:43 AM
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@Cry (and anyone you wanna bring along lmao)

The sunset coated the canopy above in vibrant hues of vermilion, illuminating the fields and the delicate curves of Gwen's features - her eyes sought the sky, squinting against both the shrouding darkness and the sliver of gold light that peaked the last few rays between low clouds. The snow queen's stomach was still laden with the weight of her guilt; many things she had crumbled, but departing with those on the glacier had occurred so suddenly that her mind was swarmed with queries - could she have brought the news in a different way? With a gift in her jaws, perhaps? No, the lack of her presence would be felt regardless (her assassin was correct, wasn't he?) but it filled her with naught but shivers like acupuncture needles down her spine. Winter would be harsh on the wolves of ikkanattuk if their members ceased to rise.

A soft wind simmered over her pelt and rushed beneath her belly - it was frigid and bitter, a vision into the coming months. Snow had fallen in previous days, dusting the lands of the teekon in icings of white; this day was simply polar, devoid of all but chilled gusts of air and the whistle between branches.

At the very least, Gwen was covered in a thick coat of white - plush tail swaying at her rear with each step she took. It warmed her enough (though her breath still misted into the air as frosted clouds), but this was not what her mind longed to ponder... where was he?
December 07, 2018, 01:18 PM
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With @Phex in proximity of his perception, Cry continued the instinctual pull to where his memory served the direction of Gwen. Forever forward, a turn here and a break for the night there, but always forward they moved. More and more Cry and Phex has bonded, crossed travelers and continued on their trek. They enjoyed each other’s company so much, Cry began to appreciate the dual toned fae whether she was in her usual puppyish antics or whether the youth had transversed into some realm of unseen maturity and schooled him in something. The assassin listened to the youth, and put her to the test at the same time. And nearly every time, Phex had passed. The rest where she had failed, he had watched her learn from her mistakes and put them into perspective the next time an opportunity such similar came around; that was much more useful than an average soldier. 

Finally they had broken through the timbers of the Wilderness, entering Great Bear terrain. The firs and spruce thickened into much more hefty wood, and all was covered with those light layers of snow. There was much more of a distance the duo had to travel to get to the snowplains, but Cry had preoccupied the emptiness in his forever categorized mind with thinking of Gwen. How pleased she would be that they had a few who stood behind them and their ideals, how they all needed homes and were loyally holding their own despite their tattered state. His girls tried their hardest, and Gwen would have her hand in helping them, as the Ivory was much more gentle than him. Plus it was beneficial to have a second set of opinion. These were the excuses he conjured as he kept his spirits up to find his Empress. 

The air was frigid, but such a tarnishing element was his home. He was of timber heritage, but the slight attic in him was grateful for such unforgiving winds. The Timber missed the woods of the Keep, but he would keep his eyes forward and his ears open as he both kept watch for Phex and out for Gwen.
December 07, 2018, 01:46 PM
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The girl enjoyed Cry's company and had often romped with him, showing him the laws of play and the amount of force used. She didn't mind a rough tussle, however, for she grew up with two brothers. Someone had to keep them in check.
So she taught Cry and showed him what it meant it was to be free.  All her life the girl had been free, never suppressed or discouraged. Only warned and taught;  she always learned from her actions, for better or worse.
She'd shown Cry interesting things like sticks and he'd given her some lessons, teaching about the structure the pack would have and gave her situations to help encourage her Ambassadorship.

Now, however, the girl was leaving the weald for the second time. After the first, she'd doubled back to meet with Cry again. Now, the girl carried a mouthful of slick, autumn leaves. She carried them proudly but inside she tried to not gag against the feel of them pressed against her tongue and the water trickling back into her throat. No matter, the girl wasn't about to give up this treasure she'd found, it took her a long time to catch it.

The girl trotted stiffly towards wherever Cry said he'd be heading, trying to trust her direction, with a tail high. A Queen striding through the land. Soon, she'd see the winter Empress and realise what true power was, and why Cry went through so much trouble for one. 
December 07, 2018, 04:12 PM
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The ghost had long thought of her last departure from Cry's side, and it felt as though it had been years since they touched, years since they breathed the same air and felt the wisps of each other's fur; at the very same time, she could recount every detail like it was yesterday. The picture often drew itself from the back of her skull, pooling into her vision as her gaze drifted off into the land of her thoughts. The paths woven with both memory and fantasy. What would their next encounter bring?

She did not have to wait long to find out. Perhaps it was fate that their trails led directly toward one another, or perhaps it was simply coincidence - either way, the snowy empress' paws halted without her command and her body drew as still as the earth beneath, remnants of her breath billowing into the air before settling into the following gust of wind. His fur was so wonderously dark - as though he'd bathed in a lake of ink only to emerge as void of colour as the night sky... no, darker! And then his eyes, as sharp as ice, they almost seemed to glow like frozen fireflies; she felt as though she could step into those fantastical orbs and find herself in an entirely new world. 

The Eruna did not falter in her next steps, lithe yet plush figure dancing down a gentle slope toward him... she only hesitated briefly when her deep cerulean gaze finally drifted to the one at his side; a small wolfess draped in tan and white - blackened lips tipped into a soft smile, head dipping in greeting from afar before her melliflous voice reached out to call across the wind, drawing ever closer. "Cry!"

Oh, she had missed him!
December 07, 2018, 05:06 PM
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Whether his mind deceived him or not, he was on the verge of breaking that usually public careful apathy as he saw a cloud detach from the sky and peek from behind the store of trees before him. It raced down the hill, and his legs near buckled from their rigid posture, his resort of calm posture wilting as he took in that face. It was that which angels themselves burned with jealousy over, and the sea glimmered a glitter a deep blue upon that masterpiece. She floated over the fallen debris, almost too pure to touch the taint of the earth, but only just. The Ivorian was right there, and breath held in his throat as surprise strangled him. Her voice pulled the lodging from his windpipe, and warmed those iced veins enough for him to release that bated breath in her name. Everything he had done from the time he had served her, had been in her name. Ever since he had reunited with the fae, it was to remain with her. And thus he was alive all over again. 

“Gwen...” It was a name he hadn’t believed himself capable of speaking until he had seen her again. It still ruined him to know he had to leave her to make something for them. But she had reassured him, and that strove him forward. Here and now, his dreams became reality however, as she dashed to him. Regardless of Phex being there or not, he tossed away the professionalism he kept and darted forward, eclipsing the fall floor with his shade as he was near liquid darkness rushing to his light, rather than running from it. 

And there he was, chest to chest with the ghost of his mind, spirit and will. Here he was with the woman who held the key to his heart on a winter chain just above her own beating lifeline. As usual, his own habits had come to haunt him as he restrained himself from indulging his desires to drown her in an avalanche of kisses. Wintry irises scanned the forest lands behind the plume of her immaculate coat, searching for any hidden enemies or villains who might come to steal her from him. He wanted to preoccupy himself with it, to force himself to remain focused, as everything in him rebuked the way she had made him feel. The artic woman cast him in a cascade of warmth and feelings of release that his mind simply couldn’t understand, yet. A tortured mix between the unending need to serve and protect her, and some scandalous drive to step over those lines drawn to enact-

Damn, he was shameful to admit he was in love with her, even to himself. He couldn’t pull those glacials from the trees, his face stuck in focus as if waiting for something to meld out of the tree bark itself and bear down upon them. 

“I-“ he began. Clearing his throat, he gave a subtle swivel of both banner and ear to the youth he had traveled with here. “This is Phex. She is one of ours. En route to pursue Ambassador and potentially scouting for Shadewood.” 

He could introduce and identify everyone else, but not himself, nor his feelings for the woman he reported to. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to scantily look a pass over the wintery woman’s perfection. “There’s a few more at home,” he idly continued.
December 07, 2018, 05:40 PM
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The girl hung back, wanting to watch the reunion between the two, but she forced herself to look aside for a moment, just to give then a few seconds of privacy in their bliss of togetherness. She waited, patient as ever, thinking about what it would be like to love. Wondering what kind of person could make her heart skip and hold the breath in the throat. She slid her gaze back to the pair and felt like melting chocolate, warm and happy for the pair. But she kept her composure and waited until her name was mentioned.

At once, she moved forward, eyes bright and happy as she took in the features of the winter fae. She was beauty incarnate, eyes revealing the ocean floor and the mysteries that hung there; far away from the green shallows lapping in the girls. Her pelt could be made of freshly fallen snow, and Phex wondered if she was actually an ice queen. A winter spirit here for winter...perhaps that was the reason for the journey, for Cry to meet for a season with his beloved. A smile graced her lips around the mouthful of leaves. Ah, the leaves and her treasure.

Her tail waved a friendly greeting as the piebald girl lowered her head to the ground and released her treasure: a toad, encased in leaves and completely unharmed, warmed by the breath of her mouth and protected from her ivories. A gift for the fae. The toad sat on the leaves, perfectly still, it's skin a dark mud-green covered with darker bulges resembling fungi on bark and with a streak of yellow down the center of it's back.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Gwen," the youth smiled, her tail still waving softly through the air.
December 08, 2018, 10:12 AM
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She felt the fur lining his chest brush against her own, the stark contrast of black and white; a monochrome display of affection, though in her heart it became a burst of colour to illuminate the shadows of her past loneliness - with him, she could never feel alone. He was her rescuer, draped in the glory of the night and blessed with eyes born from the stars themselves. Could a man ever be so beautiful? Secrets, too. He held secrets locked in his mind so untouched and pure, secrets that even the ivory queen herself had never had the chance to look upon, or listen as they whispered against the plush white of her ears.

Would she ever be able to unlock him so far? Perhaps. Even if her talents rested elsewhere, she prayed she could remain everything he desired to be. Gwen pressed herself into his touch, cerulean eyes fluttering shut as though to savour each second of their reunion, to cast herself into the assassin's arms without a moment's hesitation. Words escaped her, bleeding from her throat as a trickle of air to mist before her nose; overwhelmed. Barely could she fathom her undying loyalty to this man, who had raised her from the deep hollows of her wilting sadness, the isolation that had plagued her soul and cast steel chains around her ankles.

The Eruna longed to remain there forever.

Perhaps it was foolish to indulge in those enticing feelings of warmth and security, where her mind tingled with thoughts and wishes and hopes; but could she be blamed? The ghost was unable to resist, unable to drag herself from the suffocating grip of love... would it falter and leave her in the dust, as it had so many times before? Probably. Was she willing to take that risk? For Cry... yes. She could only be sucked away from her swimming mind when his voice broke through, pierced the numbing silence and redirected her focus to the woman again - she was younger than Gwen had realised, though she felt herself warming already. She peered curiously at the gift deposited on the ground, and when her gaze tipped over the toad (perfectly untouched, entirely unharmed) her smile grew a fraction wider. "You too, Phex." A gentle voice tipped from her lips, though her eyes could not help but wander toward the assassin.

"You didn't break your promise." It was a revelation that had stuck deep into her chest, and she whispered it to him with a soft touch of her nose against his neck, desiring only to nuzzle against him. He hadn't abandoned her, he had kept his word and for that she was eternally grateful.
December 08, 2018, 10:51 AM
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She had gotten so close to him - it was a wonder how he held. He felt another berg of ice pull free from the girth of his chest as she gently pushed against him. Finally the dark prince was brought to where he realized he had his princess with him. But alas, this ivory was no mere girl; she was a queen, and it seemed she was relishing him as her king. He could never be someone so mighty... he was a mere Assassin. There was no title he could label himself by other than as a Guardian for Gwen and his girls. And that was when he had made his decision on a name for their pack-to-be. The woods were already deemed Shadewood, and if he were to lead those who called it their home, then they would too be called Keepers. 

“Shadewood Keep,” he grinned as he warmed beside himself. Laying a soft-pressed muzzle against the slender curve of her crown, he bent slightly to murmur to her. “That is your new home. Our,” he smiled turned and boosting the base in his rumble so that Phex would know she wasn’t ostracized by him being unable to free himself from his place under the Empress. “new home.”

But her words, though were meant inspirational, had chilled his core as he thought of the many who had possibly come and forsaken his queen. “Always.” Cry was a far ways from the peons who would wreck the winter fae’s trust. The Guardian would never stoop so low as to smudge the woman’s heart, not even in the slightest tarnish. She was a sapphire to be handled with the utmost care. Looked out for by the entirety of her Family, as that was what the heart of this pack was for. The ragtag souls who had lost their way, lost their pasts, and needed a place to learn what home truly was. 

“We should head back; there is so much to show you,” he advised, unable to command anyone to do anything despite his bleak title as the Watcher of the Keep. He would probably rarely tell anyone what to do, only giving out advice or intellectual words should any of the wolves need it. He was much more certain they were independent and capable of their own learnings, but he would be the ear to speak to should they feel they need to. Hell, Gwen was much more able to handle things like that; they might even go to her!
December 08, 2018, 03:39 PM
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Her tail wagged softly, eyes wide and wonderous at the pair. The man was the darkest coal with the brightest ice, the fae the softest snow with the deepest ocean. Contrasts yet alike. And passionately in love, she was not some runaway that had fallen in-love with Cry because he was kind. No, they were mutual, duel and now together. Phex doubted they would separate ever again.

And Shadewood Keep. It sounded formidable, unpenetrable. Yet, it was a place to love and to be loved. A place of brightness and wonders. The youth wondered if it was there to keep this winter-fae safe. She knew how fiercely Cry would protect, she didn't need to see to know. He was a man of passions, secrets, and promises. He proved that now, and he would over and over. To the end of time? Who knows.
But she couldn't help but grin and nod.
Shadewood Keep.
The name itself held secrets behind closed doors, and she was glad to be the one behind them.

"At home, there's this amazing field and so many animals and plants and there's that ocean-y smell and sometimes you can hear the waves and there are these wicked rocks and pool."  The youth had to pause, collecting a breath, "You'll love it, and I'll try not to spoil the surprise of exploring but really you have to see it to believe it." The girl grinned wide and welcoming, taking a step closer to Gwen to sniff along her nape, taking in the scent of winter. She loved winter, but it was summer Phex truly thrived. And she would be glad to share with the rest of the pack all of her findings in the woods.
December 08, 2018, 04:27 PM
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Whether he titled himself as such or not - he was her king. Her king... her mind flickered across old memories, heart shuddering with the weight of those she'd loved in the past; where they had vanished, he had risen, like a pheonix from the ashes, to guide her and aid her in rebuilding a dream.

Shadewood Keep.

Everything about the name was perfect (it sounded so beautiful, and yet so secure), and her eyes glittered with gratitude as she passed her oceanic gaze between Cry and Phex. "Our home..." the empress repeated under her breath, a soft whisper of wonder, toying with the very idea in the depths of her mind; could it be, at last? The voice of Phex broke the carefully spun wheels of her thoughts, and she listened with a starstruck sliver of light pooling in the ripples of her stare. "It sounds wonderful," the snow nymph voiced, a warmth sliding off her tongue as enticing and gentle as hot chocolate on a bitter evening.

As the girl danced forward to embrace Gwen's scent, the ivory woman mirrored the gesture, reposeful smile focused on the one who'd chosen to accompany them on this journey. Oh, she was so terribly grateful! Even more than this, in pledging her loyalty to the dove and the assassin, she did not only become a friend but family. It would be no lie to state that she believed blood did not always equal family, just as family did not always equal blood - Phex was one of them, and for this Gwen moved only a fraction closer to touch her nose against the tan wolfess' shoulder; a gesture of respect and appreciation, before turning her attention once more to the darkly handsome features of Cry. "Yes... I can't wait to see."
December 08, 2018, 04:53 PM
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Luckily for him, Phex moved forward in her effort to find out a bit more about Gwen, prompting the man to move back and give them space for their greetings. This was a perfect opportunity for him to pry himself from the captivation, and begin the trek back home. 

But first, turning back to Gwen, he asked with clear indication that he wouldn’t mind stopping for her, not Phex. “Have you eaten? We can begin a hunt, and get your strength up should you desire.”  He was half tempted to just initiate a hunt simply to save her the effort of answering, but he was more considerate than that. He and Phex had been hunting regularly on their way here, so she never had to tell him she was hungry. Regardless of whether he could eat more or not, he gave the youth her fill before his own. And now, he had two mouths as opposed to one to look out for, right now. The burden was light in his mind, and he shouldered it with ease. 

“There was a trail south of here near a forest by one of the mountains - Phex had gave me a heads up that some bigger things than just rabbits would be there. Could prove a bit more of a bellyful for the trip back.” It was merely an offer; should Gwen or even Phex refuse, he would understand.
December 08, 2018, 05:03 PM
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At the prospect of a hunt, the youth nodded. She really needed to be more successful in her efforts, for it took a long time before she could catch something herself. Luckily for her, though she had the energy for many hunts and she now had the guidance of others, she stood a better chance of catching.

"I'm going to put this back where I found it, might be important," she grinned sheepishly and with the delicacy of a mother she gathered the toad back up and started out to the weald.

Phex knew Cry had picked up the trail, she had no doubts about finding the pair again and took her leave from them, she'd easily catch up and then some. Her tail high and a soft laugh escaping her, she bounded off, leaving Gwen and Cry to themselves for a short time.
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