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By now, they must have all know he had gone after Eurycrates.

Teleklos had begun to imagine their disappointment, and found that regret came most bitter when he thought about his twin. What did he make of the AWOL status? What was he going through— while suffering the poet's absence? 

He shoved his doubts away. Their most savage warrior had been banished, and he had thought of it all as very unfair; for more than one reason. Of course, his opinion was permanently stained, like ink on parchment. He was biased in that he had always favored Eurycrates, over all wolves, and as much as he tried to conceal his reverence for the male, it had been gossip since they were young that Teleklos either wanted to be like his savage littermate or be with him.

Which one was he proving now?

The wolf shuddered, pausing in the lowlight to look over his shoulder.

He had tracked him as far as he could, but his brother's trail had been lost somewhere back along the chilling coast. It had forced Teleklos, for (likely) the second time in his life, to make a decision for himself.

He thought at first that he might to take up the tome of wanderers, but it took only a single day in the empty trench of fireflies to realize that purposelessness— the directionless plodding— did not exactly sit well with him. So, he came though a small strip of land, shouldered on either side by a steep ravine and an unfriendly-looking marsh, and he followed the strengthening scent of wolves.

Once or twice he called out, probing the area with cursory howls that heralded his arrival at their borders.

Title: "Let the die be cast"
December 07, 2018, 09:23 PM
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Lily heeded the call, trotting toward the sound with intrigue writ over her face. It had been quiet in Elysium lately, save for a series of minor troubles--but those always existed, no? She continued to wait for the Morningsiders to arrive, and thought that perhaps this could be Sunny and his wolves.

But no, this was someone different altogether. Her breath caught in her throat--he looked much like Vilkas, in build and color--but the shock went away, replaced by something akin to disappointment, as she drew closer. Nevertheless, she turned a welcoming smile upon the stranger, coming to a halt a few steps away and giving him a brief once-over before speaking.

Hallo, there, Lily chirped. Welcome to Elysium. What can I do for you?
December 07, 2018, 09:29 PM
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The first month of her daughter's disappearance, Seabreeze had been driving herself absolutely frantic in her search for her poor, lost little bird.  Part of her thought that Terance had found her somewhere in the wild and kept her, intent on taking back the months with her that he had lost.  She wanted to march down to the hollow and demand to speak with him, and if their daughter resided in their ranks, she would do everything in her power to bring her home.

The other half of her fretted that if he didn't know she was lost, he'd throw it in her face like he was so often inclined to do.  It would be her fault (and wasn't it?), and he would be just as much use in finding their daughter as he had been in asking her to stay.  She rarely ate and even rarer did she sleep.  Olive had once more been burdened with the task of watching over their remaining children, but had finally convinced Seabreeze that if she didn't take care of herself that Ibis would have no mother to return to.

Seabreeze, who teetered somewhere between lean and laughably thin, was beginning to look more healthy with the near-constant coaxing of her lady lover.  The waking hours were becoming easier, and so she was able to look some semblance of put together when a call surprised her from beneath the willow tree in which she'd been resting.  She gathered herself up on all fours and began plucking her way towards their borders, hoping that instead of someone injured and frightened she'd come face to face with some hale specimen.

For once her hopes were rewarded.  She was pleased to see that Lily had already arrived, and for the moment she held back her words in order to wait for the stranger's reply.
December 07, 2018, 09:50 PM
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It would be night soon, he thought— with the sun quickly sinking— but he was not left unattended long, and he was graciously intercepted by a small, shadowy host of the willows. He didn't see what color her eyes were, because he was looking "respectfully" somewhere around her dainty feet. Another, much paler, she-wolf arrived nearby, but he could only glance distractedly her direction before being addressed by the first.

Teleklos straightened, and pulled back his ears in expressive deference. "I am Teleklos Lycurgus of Lacedaemon," he introduced himself, as trained. "I have recently dispersed," he continued with a well-practiced line— something he had worked over countless times in his head before arriving; "from my birthplace in search of my brother Eurycrates... he, well, I seem to have lost his trail recently along the coast, and I feel I must abandon my search to find company for the cold days ahead."

He had meant to be curt, had even rehearsed keeping his introduction to twelve words or less, but the bard's nervous tongue lashed hungrily, and he remembered that he had not spoken to anyone in several weeks.
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Her ears swiveled backward as she heard movement from elsewhere, and she turned to see Seabreeze approach. The blackbird gave her co-leader a nod and a smile before turning back to the man behind the border, expectant.

He was very formal; he didn't even look her in the eye, instead dutifully reciting his introduction. Lily blinked softly, waiting for him to finish before speaking again. Terribly sorry to hear that your brother is missing, she murmured, tail moving slowly behind her. You're welcome to stay here as long as you need. You're right to seek shelter from the cold.

She twisted her neck, pointing her muzzle at the pale woman nearby. This is Seabreeze, and my name is Lily, she introduced them both. Do come seek us out if you need anything at all. She paused, then, waiting to see if Seabreeze had anything to add.
December 07, 2018, 10:04 PM
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Lily did well, she surmised, though there were a few things about their sanctuary that would not be obvious to an outsider that she hadn't explained.  That was alright.  She was still learning — they all were.  If she were to really think on it, she wasn't sure that any of Elysium's leaders would be favored anywhere else ... except for maybe Olive, who was perfect in every way.  To be more clear, this is a sanctuary.  You're welcome to stay with us for as long as you need, so long as you give back to the sanctuary as much as you take from it.  She really hoped he was good at something conventional, like fighting or hunting, because they ... really didn't have any of that.  

Whatever the case, he'd come to them with the intent to seek shelter and with Elysium, joining up really was as easy as that.  If you'd like to stay, we'd love to show you around, and if you'd rather continue your search to find somewhere to winter, we will allow you to pass through.
December 08, 2018, 12:18 PM
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Teleklos, who had been relatively sedate up until that point, could not help the snap cocking of his head towards the sable Lily as she welcomed him to stay without further pretense. Her eyes— a bright and friendly pair of oranges— greeted him openly.

He was utterly dumbfounded. Whatever gentleness he had expected upon first glimpsing these kindly she-wolves, this was far from it. Their authority and immediate willingness to take in the stranger at face value was deeply unsettling to the wolf of military stock. He had been born into a society dominated by the physically superior males, so it was difficult for him to fathom that they didn't need to defer to their fathers or mates, and he swallowed thickly to stave off his rising concerns.

Seabreeze's expounding settled the bard further. Their guard was so lax that he assumed they must have some powerful warriors in their stead. He couldn't smell many males— did he smell any at all on the borders?— but he'd heard tales of societies more secret than this.

"I would like to stay," he affirmed after a thoughtful hesitance. "I would also appreciate a tour. That would be most helpful," he said, feeling a nervous kind of anticipation as he looked between both she-wolves and wondered if both would be escorting him about.
December 08, 2018, 06:18 PM
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Lily's ears flattened, if only slightly, at Seabreeze's correction. Even after all these moons, she still didn't have the hang of the proper introduction and explanation, and it was more than a touch embarrassing. Ah, well. He didn't seem like the kind of man to take advantage of their kindness, anyway, although one never could tell.

She glanced at the cream woman, a question in her eyes. I'd be happy to lead him on a tour, the blackbird said, a half-smile gracing her features. Unless you wanted to do so yourself--or you could come with us, too. There's a lot to see, she added, casting her eyes cheerfully at Teleklos. His accent did nothing to dispel the memories of Vilkas--it only strengthened them--but she tried her best to keep the ghosts of her past at bay.
December 09, 2018, 02:14 PM
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I trust you, the sylph tells Lily in an effort to wash away the worry that she has failed.  That is why there are three of them leading!  She is sure that she is capable of forgetting something.  If he finds Elysium amenable, tell him of the guest rank and how it works. I am only a howl away if you need me. 

With that, she would leave Teleklos in Lily's capable hands to go check on @Delight and @Qilaq.
December 23, 2018, 12:09 PM
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Though Teleklos was terribly worried about the dynamics of power here, and extremely curious to get to the bottom of it, he was far too polite and submissive to do much about it other than go along with things until he could see a clearer picture of the situation. As Lily would lead the bard through the willows and introduce him to topics such as their "Guest" policy and other social workings of Elysium, he would find them all frankly absurd. These wolves didn't seem to have a territorial bone in their bodies, and coming from a sprawling fortress that was Lacedaemon, the concept of this felt entirely alien to him. 

To the poet, their ways were unheard of, but not... unpleasant. It sounded much like a story to him. One he would chase after, and hopefully tell to the generations following. For regardless of whether this adventure turned out to be something real or just a fairy tale, he could hear a song sung a thousand ways about this place; the sanctuary forged by patron goddesses.

And as he settled down for (what he thought would be) a short stay, Teleklos began to hum to himself a slow, lilting tune about Elysium.

Apologies for the wait! I would have liked to have made this a longer thread, but I'm going to fade here before I drag on. I'd love updated threads with both you soon, since it appears Tele's stay will be more permanent than previously assumed <3