Ankyra Sound you left me in the dark, so darkness i became
All Welcome  December 18, 2018, 10:08 PM
Tunerk had graciously been welcomed within the ranks of Rusalka. This was to be her family, now; that was the way she had thought of it, at least. Tunerk idled for a moment, before devoting herself; she looked over her shoulder and wondered about her brothers. Her navy eyes sought them in the shadows dusk beckoned, but when she did not see their silhouettes she sighed a quiet breath.

They would find her, she hoped. She wondered if she ought to go look for them, but she figured if she wanted to be found she out to remain in one place. And this place was quite different from the icy domain she had been reared within. Tunerk made her way to the sound, and when she saw the ocean for the first time, she was awestruck. Unbothered by the fearsome wind that whipped against her—her thick furs were evidence enough she was made for more frigid temperatures than this—Tunerk took some odd steps closer to the body of water, sniffing at the sand and pausing to wrinkle her nose.

This smelled nothing like dirt. It brought a familiar, tickling sensation to the forefront of her mind before a mighty sneeze came from the six month old. A dozen more came as she sought to rid herself of the sensation of salt within nose (for good measure), and then she shook out her fur, blinked, and moved toward the body of water again as though nothing had happened.