Cerulean Cape the waves hear my heart
All Welcome  January 06, 2019, 06:35 PM
Lone Wolves

The land was a beautiful place, and she felt drawn to stay by the ocean. Even though it was winter, and much was to be missed, Miriam didn't know that, and was only captivated by the icy waters these sands rolled into. She walked across the territories, avoiding those that are marked despite the curiosity, and continued on. She didn't want to get into trouble, and didn't want to cause issues, so as reluctantly as she was, the maidan avoided them.

She had a desire, to see all that there was, and she knew there was more to it then the ocean. The mountains, the plains, the lakes and rivers. She wanted to see what was beyond her sanctuary of a forest that held herself, and her family within. She was granted this quest to seek what was beyond her small world, but she couldn't help but ache to part with the ocean.

She should enjoy it, Miriam thought, as the day was still long, and her gaze focused on the clear blue waters. She held a warmth, as she stared into the blue.