Sea Lion Shores oh, the world is dark
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        They had to win the bay, so Szymon kept himself busy — he bloodied his mouth collecting black stones, gathering them into a pile at the juncture of the gyrfalcons’ eyrie and the sea lions’ shoals. It was a very neat pile. The Argosy didn’t dare displease his Leviathan or his Atoll — and Doe was tired and beautiful, sprawled out in the sand with her yellow lantern eyes glinting warmly up at him. “We need to line our borders with these black stones and shells. There has to be a clear line of them, perfect and unbroken,” she said, and even if the spot in the sand beside her seemed idyllic, Szymon kept at it. She or Skellige would tell him when he could stop.
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Dragoncrest Cliffs
It was her first time really leaving the company of Drageda since joining, but Easy was ready for a day or two just to herself. She'd been working to stock their caches since the battle, seeing as she was slightly less damaged than some of their other capable bodies. More than that, though, she realized that Drageda wasn't really a group that hunted for each other. Part of her felt as though it was just a community of wolves each living their own little life, rather than a pack that depended on each other.

So hunting had taken up much of her time, but she still like to travel. It was just - perhaps travel was not the same passion it had once been.

As she meandered along the coastline, she came upon a pale wolf engaged in a most unusal activity. It seemed sort of fun, actually, except there was something anxious and frenetic about the other wolf's movements. Easy's sympathy was stirred up at once. "Hey!" she called out, making her way toward the other, "What are you up to?"

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        Instantaneously, Szymon whipped around with yellow fangs bared, his mouth bloodied and bruised. A low, churning growl rose in his throat as he stepped carefully around Doe and placed himself between his mate and the stranger. Salt-riddled hackles flared to life across his withers and down his spine, from the base of his narrow skull to the tip of his scabbed, patchy tail. “M-M-Mine,” he snarled at her plainly, taking a threatening step forward and snorting through his nostrils like an enraged bull as his jaws snapped with unnatural vehemence. His spine rippled like an agitated cat’s, and his ears pressed forward upon his skull, but his body language contradicted itself — he seemed almost fearful underneath the flash of bravado, with his darting golden eyes and restlessly shifting paws. “Run, D-D-Doe, run.”