Northstar Vale "For the night is dark and full of terrors."
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@Sorin (@Vangard and @Ruenna, you guys can jump in if you'd like, pretty much anyone from the Vale is welcome)

She'd not interacted with the titan since their spar though it was not active avoidance that kept their paths from crossing. Liri would have liked to lay the sole blame for it upon the fact that she was somewhat busy with Diaspora and the possible war they would wage over a territory that had gone unoccupied until her arrival. Yet, another reason coincided alongside. 

She could not be completely sure that Sorin had not seen a glimpse of something fractured within her dark eyes - a hint of the darkness she had known and had shared with none since Kavik. To admit any sort of weakness before the wolves who looked to her made the healer uncomfortably embarrassed. It was tenuous enough to appear an equal in the eyes of the world let alone before those who looked to her as leader. 

Still, such fear was foolish and the seeress had no intentions of letting it hold her back. Not when much important affairs prevailed over individuality. 

Thus the pallid fae swallowed any lingering shame and set out with intentions to locate the warrior. They had much to discuss as she desired his input and knowledge.

The morn had dawned with a gradual lighting of the sky, ivory woman a ghost among fog. She sought the earthen den she knew Sorin to have dug within the territory; knowing he struggled with sleep as much as she, Liri expected that he was already awake. 

Perched a respectful distance beyond his threshold, the colorless dove chirped softly for him in a questioning quaver, "Sorin? Are you within?"
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Sorin had continued with his patrols over the last few days, finally mastering his ability to wreath himself in the forest's shadow. Such a trait would prove useful in patrolling and intercepting. And, if need be, it could prove useful in war.

While Sorin did not have much knowledge on the current state of affairs concerning Diaspora, he knew of their intentions. Furthermore, he knew Stigmata was cunning and ambitious enough to try and make his dream a reality. Although he had no specific idea, the shadow had sensed an undercurrent of tension as of late. He reasoned it had something to do with their neighbors to the east.

Sorin was just waking from a sound sleep when Liri arrived. They had not spoken much since the spar, although Sorin had intended to. Other priorities had simply gotten in the way. Instead of responding immediately, he crept out from his den, nodding in greeting to her as he emerged. "Morning Liri," he said. The dark male arched his back as he stretched. "Did you need something?"
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Shadows shifted and from their depths emerged the green-eyed soldier. A smile crept across her face, relieved that nothing seemed to have changed since their spar. "Good morning," she rasped in return, tail picking up a slow wag. 

"Only the mind of a warrior I'm afraid," the healer admitted, chuckling softly. And who better to ask? Sorin seemed to have an extensive knowledge of war and fighting tactics, deeming him perfect for advice. 

"Will you walk with me?" Leea gestured to the forest with a cant of her ivory crown, rising to her paws. 
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Sorin smiled, his own tail settling into a slow wag as she greeted him. Her response however, left him puzzled and apprehensive. The mind of a warrior, has it come to this so soon. Sorin had hoped to avoid any conflict, but her words seemed to imply otherwise. His brows furrowed and his posture tensed as the concern over his new home, his new life, bubbled to the fore. He shook his head, not in disagreement but to refocus his attention. If this situation truly became as volatile as he feared, the shadow could only allow himself a moment of panic. At least in front everyone else. He could worry privately later on.

"Of course," he responded, turning towards the forest to follow her.
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For a brief moment, the healer thought she spied a flash of something in the raven's eyes - a wild and panicked emotion. The northron's composure fled her, concern brewing in her dark gaze as her lips parted to ask what had come over him. But as quickly as it had come, it was gone, and Sorin was making for the treeline. 

The Iratze fell into step with him, woodland gaze drawn to the trees as she considered how to begin. 

"You know the situation with Diaspora is tenous," she started in a collected timbre, "Yet the mountains remain quiet and our neighbors are just as silent."

"I know not yet if it will come to battle but they will not fight soon. From what Ruenna shared, they had several pregnant females before her departure. With young to think of, they are currently limited to the Lakes and I know not if they would attack with so many little ones to think of." 

"But one day, those pups will be of an age to travel the range and I believe that is when Diaspora will come for us," 
she murmured gravelly, glancing to him with a somber expression. There was no if, not with these conquerors who thought themselves Kings of the mountain. 

"I have searched the 'Spire for signs of such workings but we will not be caught unaware. That is where I require your assistance, Sorin," the woman of winter halted, facing him. 

"We will need to patrol frequently, take shifts watching from the peaks of the Vale, and train for combat." It went unspoken that if he had any other tactical advice regarding transforming the Vale into a fortress then he should share it - her dark eyes shone with a protective gleam, determination. 

"Will you help me prepare them?" She asked of him then, tones assured yet vaguely uncertain. That extinguished flicker in his eyes - would he be willing to fight should it come to that? "I have seen and known many terrible things but never war."

I need your help. 
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Sorin walked alongside her, a brief silence ensuing before she spoke. He nodded to her initial statements, filling away the information from Ruenna that she provided. He would need to speak to former Diasporan later, get a firsthand account of what she knew of the pack. That could wait for now though.

"Makes sense," he said briefly in response to her speculation on Diaspora's timetable. "Although, perhaps we could turn that against them. We can prepare, gather members, be ready for when they come. Could work in negotiations too."

He nodded in agreement to all of her suggestions. They were solid, simple tasks that could help the pack prepare. There was however, other tasks which could increase the pack's readiness. "We'll need to make sure the mountain trails leading into the valley are secure. When Diaspora comes they'll most likely use them, and defending the trails will be much easier than the whole of the valley. We can create obstructions of some sort, slow down any attack and make it easier to defend." He glanced through the trees at the mountains above. They would be their main defense, and Sorin knew such defenses had to be fully taken advantage of.

"It would also be good idea to find a trail that allows us to quickly escape. This valley may have natural defences, but it could also be a death trap. We'll need an escape route if it comes to that." The shadow's eyes clouded over momentarily at the thought of once again being forced from his home, or worse.

"Give me a few days, and hopefully I'll come up with a few more ideas to share with you all."

He glanced away briefly, thinking deeply before turning his gaze back towards Liri. "Will there be any
negotiations with Stigmata?"
he asked in a soft tone. He had seen enough of war, and while he was prepared to defend the Vale to the end, he wanted to explore all other options first. Furthermore, he had a few ideas on how to negotiate favorable terms. The odds were slim, and he knew Stigmata might flat out refuse, but it was worth the risk in Sorin's eyes.

"Of course I'll help you Liri," he said solemnly, stretching his head to brush against her shoulder. "Don't think for a second that you have to do this alone." His gaze once again clouded with pain as she admitted to not knowing war. He had known it, had been exposed to it far too young. And despite having Viggo by his side for most of it, the shock had still gotten to him, at least initially. "I hate to have be the one to educate you in it." he whispered. War was a terrible thing, something that should not be pursued unless no other options were available.

But if war was coming, he would be ready. His eyes seemed to flare up as he made the decision to aid however he could. He would not discount diplomacy yet, but he would not be weak and break under the pressure. If Diaspora wanted the Vale, they would find Nauthiz ready and waiting. He would be sure of it.
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"I've been watching for sign of such movements but it seems they will reside by the Lakes for a spell longer," she agreed, "but it would still be wise to keep tabs on them. It would be good to know when they become nomadic again." 

"Perhaps we could dislodge rocks of some sorts? To use as walls? Or perhaps if we could find smaller ones we could drop them from up high - if it comes to battle." 

"Thank you, Sorin, truly," 
she murmured appreciatively, shooting him a grateful smile. It was a relief to have some kind of tactics in place. 

"Yes, I've been mapping the mountains so to speak as well - just in case we must flee. I have been looking at other locations too; in the event that we must relocate to a new territory, I would like to have somewhere to take the recruits rather than wander in search of new lands," she admitted, grimacing slightly. But it was a situation they needed to prepare for - Diaspora was established and had an edge against the Vale wolves.

"I have asked Aurëwen to speak with Stigmata about a delegation on my behalf but still, there is no word. It is unwise to make assumptions but I can only take their prolonged silence to mean the worst," she frowned slightly in worry.

"I thank you again, Sorin. It is relief to have such a trustworthy general," she returned his shoulder bump with a kind smile. "And don't fret too much, friend. Another would have had to educate me eventually but now you can rest easy knowing I've got the best teacher." The fae grinned, attempting to lighten his mood.