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All Welcome  May 17, 2019, 12:22 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
gimme my fuckin children !!! <3 <3 @Warlock @Jet

a month had gone by since terance had stepped down, just for the initial babying, and so he stepped back up to join rannoch as a leader of the pack, once again. truthfully, no one had treated him differently. he just hadn't handled joiners on the borders and had taken a huge step back from things such as meetings and decision making. either way, the kids were old enough now that terance worried less about treason (not that he needed to) and so he took his step back up the ladder. the comment that liffey had made to treason, that treason of course passed along to her mate, still sat uncomfortably at the forefront of his brain -- though he did try to force it back. 

at least he had a good disgrace today -- treason had stepped out for a break (probably to patrol, he guessed) and terance was left to babysit the kiddos. he didn't mind, he loved spending time with his children. he laid outside the den, eyes on the clearing just beyond it, where his three kiddos played. ash, most prominently, was making a lot of ruckus. terance winced gently every time a highpitched screech erupted from the pups tiny mouth. he wondered how the fuck such a tiny thing made such terrible, loud noises.
May 17, 2019, 12:25 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
half the birds in the territory fled by the time that little ash was released from the den that afternoon. it was probably around this time that his father regretted having anymore children, and the same time his mother managed to get the ringing out of her ears from his yowling earlier that morning.

as terance settled behind them, ash bolted (very wobbly) into the clearing, howling and yipping in an assortment of puppy noises that sounded something similar of nails on a chalkboard but plugged into a giant amp. ouch. with his siblings assumedly in tow, ash yipped and yapped and dropped to his back, beginning to roll around on his back in the dirty ground.
May 18, 2019, 03:05 AM
Lost Creek Hollow
Spook was well... Not the bravest of the trio.  Not by a long shot.  Chances are his delay on entrance into the world from the safety of the den today was partially due to getting likely run over by his sister.  Well, that and the fact he was cautious to start with.  He got up from where he'd landed, shook out his fur, then toddled his way on out.

After his previous accidental adventure, he wasn't going to go being quick about anything.  Despite being a tiny bit older (okay, when you talk about percentages, he was a ton older, but it really wasn't much just by days), he wasn't keen on repeating that mix-up so he'd stay close to home.  But hey, dad was just right outside, so after peering around a second, he popped out and trotted after Ash.  Pause.  His ears flicked forward, then he turned around and headed to Terance instead, sniffing around in case he had anything interesting with him.
May 21, 2019, 01:18 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
         Jet charged forth with a fine disregard for the Spook-shaped rug beneath her stampeding paws. Brothers, brothers, always in the way, sheesh. Although to be fair today it was mostly just the one brother—but she'd have nonetheless argued that Ash was in the way of her poor bleeding ears if nothing else, kyeesh. She was absolutely thrilled to leave the echoing confines of the den and prance about in the sunshine, trampling a few tussocks of grass and an innocent caterpillar with the same fine disregard as poor Spook. Her eyes roved restlessly about and her ears swiveled to and fro, drinking in as much as they could as eagerly and quickly as possible, but unable to alight on any one thing for too long because there was still just too much to take in of all the wide exciting world outdoors.

         Her reverie was somewhat spoiled however by the continued noisemaking of brother Spook. She shot him a severe, annoyed glare, but otherwise barely had the time of day for any of them. She did hustle up with a yipped Hai! to Terance's face to boop his snoot with her own, briefly, finding him to be far more of an interesting novelty than momma Treason still, but her restless paws danced in place and she charged off even quicker than she'd approached him. Her eyeballs finally found a particularly interesting visual puzzle in the form of the interwoven tangle of prickly branches that protruded from behind the den. Intertangled shadows and knottily interclasped wood suddenly looked like an intriguing challenge to confront today, and certainly very unlike anything she'd seen indoors ever, so that was the direction Jet spontaneously hurtled in next. She did make a slight detour on the way there however to aim a quick rebuking snip of her teeth at Ash's dirt-mottled tail as it wriggled tauntingly on the ground. That'd teach him to hurt her ears like that, harrumph.