Sunbeam Lair as the trail grows deeper, you’re my giver my keeper
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ingram was loathe to leave @Blodreina’s side come early dawn, and he rose reluctantly, providing a gentle nibble to her ear as he left. stalking quietly past, he glanced fondly upon praimfaya in the silvery moonlight, but did not wake her. there was much to be done today — the caches he had stored nearby had been consumed, and ingram anticipated spending much of the day replenishing it.

he made it to the sunken lair by early morning, and after some time spent hounding lesser game, had caught two pitiful hares that he had crept upon unawares. never one to rest on his laurels, ingram stored them nearby, and then continued his hunt for something hopefully a little meatier.
May 31, 2019, 12:01 AM
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The morning was very young and Cadeau didn't know why she wasn't spending it sleeping with Illidan back at their makeshift camp, it was too early for them to do much anyway. Perhaps she was feeling restless, Cadeau casting a thoughtful look at the dark hooded wolf she called her friend. A recent event sparked in her mind, Cadeau turning her eyes away to press it back from spreading too fast and far. Cadeau collected her satchel from nearby, wiggling her head into the looping vine so the pitcher plant could rest against her chest as usual.

She decided she would return before the sun got too high into the sky, which shouldn't be for awhile yet, Cadeau estimated as she gazed up at the dark sky littered in the inklings of dawn's coming light and dying stars. Cadeau needed to stretch her legs and do something useful, she would find some herbs for the journey ahead. She hadn't much chance to go snooping out plants, Cadeau couldn't help but think back glumly at the neglect she put on her studies. Trotting off into the land swathed in darkness, Cadeau this time made sure her eyes watched her paws every so often, not wanting a repeat of that fatal mistake.
June 22, 2019, 05:01 PM
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ingram heard cadeau long before he saw her. he neither recognized her tread, nor her scent -- mostly because the morning mist thickly harried his senses, and the wind was not in his favor. nimbly stepping besides the trail, the man hunkered down and listened as the steps grew nearer.

he expected a stranger, but was pleasantly surprised when he recognized the boldly patterned form of his friend. rising from the vines, ingram gently stepped forward and blurted "cadeau!", his tail wagging and a friendly smile spilling across his features.

oh, was he ever thrilled to see her. they exchanged news - he told her of everything -- and when they finally parted, ingram felt only a little sad to leave her company, and hoped he would see her again.