Whitefish River Kaistleoki
June 11, 2019, 01:27 PM
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Pack Basics

Name: Kaistleoki
Ranks: Click · Rank descriptions
Location: Kintla Flatlands
Acronym: KO
Founded: June 11, 2019
Pack Colours: Jade (#00a86b) & Caper (#E8EDB1) — Kaistleoki



Evergreen: Count (June 11, 2019 — present)
Ira: Constable (June 11, 2019 — present)


Past Leader 1: Past Rank (Start Date — End Date)


Kaistleoki claims Whitefish River in Kintla Flatlands.

Whitefish River is a long, winding river that travels across a large portion of the flatlands before feeding into Greatwater Lake. It has fast running shallows in some areas, quiet pools in others. It is plentiful in numerous species of fish, the most prevalent being the whitefish or chub, which are among the easiest fish to catch. With the shoreline alternating between forested and open areas, attracting many types small and large game, the river provides ample opportunity for a hungry wolf to find a meal. Territory description written by Luke.


New beginnings
A lost boy, drowning in an unfamiliar world, sought to find his purpose. It is with Kaistleoki, that he manages to feel at home once more.

Wanting to surround himself with other goal-oriented individuals, Kaistleoki is a pack built on the foundations of going through hardships and coming out of them swinging—ready to take on the world.  Although not outwardly aggressive towards others, Kaistleoki is protective of its own, including their land.

The founding Count aims to build relationships, placing down the stepping stones for a close-knit pack that works together. Their goal not only to survive harsh winters, but to truly live happily. That is not to say they aren’t prepared to work for it, and to do so together through whatever obstacles come their way. Evergreen, himself, vows not to lose another tragically, like he has lost his sister, but the world is not always so kind.

The Count, having a strong passion for fishing, chooses a riverside area for their encampment, and hopes to eventually see it flourish.

Kaistleoki’s ranks are a mimicry of medieval kingdoms—specifically focused around the inner workings of a castle, as a nod towards their name. I aim to make Kaistleoki a dynamic pack that focuses on collaboration with it’s members and,,, fun plots really! Kidnappings? Backstabs? Conflicts with other groups/packs? Yespls. Of course, we encourage open OOC communication and consent before diving into these plots, but if everyone is on board, the more, the merrier!
June 11, 2019, 02:35 PM


Breeding & Pups

Kaistleoki members that are ranked Noble or above are eligible for potential litters. Prior to conception, interested parties must message the Count (currently Evergreen) for OOC permissions. Depending on the circumstances of the litter, permission through IC means can be requested as well. Wolves of higher rank and activity will have priority. To secure your spots, please message ASAP!

Rank Shuffles

Primarily focused on a trade-like system, members will be shuffled according to IC based activity and interactions. Poor interactions with leadership may result in an individual's demotion, while great interactions may lead to promotion. Activity concerns specifically to pack interactions. Individuals that spend the majority of their time outside of Kaistleoki, and are not known to the rest of the pack, will not be promoted.

Regardless of trades acquired, all members start at Newcomer. Fighting for ranks is currently disabled unless a part of a pre-planned plot.


Previously Played Characters slots are available to characters that have been a part of Kaistleoki for a month. Characters may only be set as PPC for a maximum of two months consecutively, and may only be set as PPC for a total of four months a year.

Exception to this rule is for puppies, who may have a maximum of six months as PPC/NPC. Should a puppy not be adopted in this time-frame, an extension may be requested.


Mentors & Apprentices

To foster close bonds, Kaistleoki has started a mentorship program. Through IC means, characters approach individuals which hold a trade of their desire, and together, train and work towards accomplishing common goals.

Individuals that have become an apprentice through IC means will be promoted to the Squire position. From here, threads between mentor-apprentice pair partaking in various trade-specific prompts is encouraged.

The Council will work closely with wolves in mentoring positions to determine when their apprentice is ready to take the next step and become a higher ranked member of Kaistleoki.

Once this has been done, an IC ritual will take place. Primarily for proving and fun, a Council member and the mentor will set up a mission for the apprentice to complete. An example of a ritual would be sparring against a Council member for Mercenary trade.

The Great Hunt

With the changes of the seasons, Kaistleoki hosts a grand hunt led by the Master of the Hunt. Typically a huge pack activity including any able bodies interested, the Great Hunt takes place at the end of winter to celebrate the coming of spring. Large prey is hunted during this time, or a series of small hunts is orchestrated depending on the Master of the Hunt.

Once the game is successfully hunted, a feast takes place where the entire pack is called for festivities; eating, singing, telling tales and playing.

Song of the Pack

Inspired by the first Count’s childhood, Song of the Pack is an event that focuses on telling stories; be it historically accurate, wondrous tales of heroes or through song. It focuses generally on those either new to the pack, or the younger generations. Although the event can take place at any time, it is typically hosted at the end of summer and start of autumn. Jesters and their apprentices are put in charge of leading it.
June 11, 2019, 02:41 PM



Kaistleoki’s top tier management, consisting of a maximum of 4 leadership positions. Below potential titles could be PMs.

· Count — Equivalent to “Alpha”, the Count is the primary individual in charge of Kaistleoki. Their decisions are final, but often made with the assistance of their council. Minimum of 1, and maximum of 2.
· Chamberlain — Closest adviser of the Count(s), the Chamberlain is responsible for assisting the Count in governing good relations inside the pack itself. Maximum of 1.
· Chancellor — An adviser of the Count(s), the Chancellor is the pack’s main ambassador. They are in charge of foreign affairs and assisting the Count(s) with outside relations. Maximum of 1.
· Constable — The final main adviser of the Count(s), the Constable is a military expert that oversees Kaistleoki’s offensive and defensive capabilities. In times of war, they are second-in-command. Maximum of 1.


Individuals that have proven themselves in specific tasks. Empty ranks will be hidden, and added once a character has earned them.

· Master of the Hunt — There is only one Master of the Hunt in Kaistleoki, for every individual is expected to hunt for themselves. The Master of the Hunt, however, oversees pack hunts that require expert knowledge of land, prey and tracking skills. This can be achieved by acquiring the Hunter and Naturalist (Ecologist) or Scout (Ranger) trades.
· Knight — Protectors of the realm, Kaistleoki’s greatest warriors are positioned as their Knights. Individuals must prove themselves in battle, or through earning the Mercenary trade. If the Constable position is open, a Knight may be promoted to it.
· Herald — An official messenger of the Council, the Herald works alongside with the Chancellor to strength foreign relations. They must be appointed to this position by the Chancellor themselves and earn the Scout trade. If no Chancellor is currently appointed, a Herald may become one.
· Physician — Physicians are the backbone of Kaistleoki, for without their care and knowledge, the ill and injured may not survive to live another day. The Physician rank is given to Caregivers working to specialize in the Medic field.
· Steward — Stewards are the caregivers and counselors of Kaistleoki, who provide their services for the pack in individuals times of needs. They help the Physician whenever necessary, and some are encouraged to become Sitters and Midwives to care for the pack’s youth. Steward may be awarded once a member has gained the trade of Caregiver or Counselor.
· Jester — Kaistleoki’s entertainers. The Jester may seem like a goof, but their position in the pack is prized and respected just as a Knight’s may be. The Jester leads storytelling events, and sometimes may even become Historians. Jester can be achieved by earning the Chronicler trade.


Members of Kaistleoki, and those new to the pack.

· Squire — Traditionally described as an assistant to a Knight—and later becomes a Knight themselves—Squires in Kaistleoki are individuals that are an active apprentice to a ranked individual. To become a Squire, there has to be IC proof of their apprenticeship.
· Commoner — Trusted members of Kaistleoki that do not fulfill any other role, generally promoted after a month of membership without IC conflict.
· Newcomer — Recent recruits of Kaistleoki.


Kaistleoki’s pups, who are looked after and taught by the entirety of the pack. Though some are encouraged to follow the footsteps of their parent(s), Kaistleoki promotes their youth finding a mentor in a specific trade they’re after.

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Internal Territories


Quartz Cavern

Along the sweeping banks of Whitefish River, recessed into a hill, lives a deep cavern of stories untold.  Most wolves have been known to make short exploration of his cavern for what lies within — the bones of what was once a family of ursine creatures, and the indecision whether or not more live deeper within.  This extensive, enclosed cavern is flecked and littered with exposed quartz, giving it a bizarre, prism-esque design when sunlight pours in just right.  What lies in the far nooks and crannies of this cavern is anyone's guess, but it hold the potential for imagination to run free. Territory description written by Mordecai.

Riverside Ring

A sandy pit in one of the long banks alongside Whitefish River originally found during the early patrols of Kaistleoki, and later turned into a notable location for sparing and mercenary training. Later small smooth stones from the river were arranged to form a circle around the bank creating the appearance of an arena. Territory description written by Asori.