Blackfeather Woods "live," he says, "I am coming"
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Blackfeather Woods
it is night, and the trio are perched atop the ridge that shelters the glen from the north. "hela. scylla. not too close." warns her mother. but the allure of the drop is tempting, to see the vastness all spread out before her. she can see the den they share, the river; up here, they can see where it comes from. a few steps closer and teeth are in her scruff, pulling her back. 

she wants to bite something but her mother doesn't make an easy target. instead, then, she grabs @Scylla's ear and tugs at it forcibly,  and soon the two are entangled in yet another squabble. 
June 22, 2019, 08:15 PM
Blackfeather Woods
as soon as her fangs leave her daughter's scruff, she latches her own teeth into her sister's ear. she's quick to grab one of them (Scylla, she thinks) and drag the pair further from the edge, where she works to separate them. as she does, she notes that the dark of Scylla's coat doesn't seem to be fading, while Hela's pelt is growing light and almost familiar. it's hard to make it out when they seem to be one writhing entity, and so she works harder to keep them apart until they calm down. 

when she's finally able to install one daughter on each side of herself, not quite trusting them together, she begins. "look up. all those white dots? those are stars. they're like the sun, except they are smaller and you can only see them at night." she'd considered the fact that they might only appear at night, but it seems impossible for so many bright lights to wink into their perfect places every evening, and so she assumes them there, but invisible, during the bright day. Hela's eating a beetle, and so she prods her daughter and directs her attention skyward again. 

That is not dead which can eternal lie. 
And with strange aeons even death may die.