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He was saddened by the disappearance of Keen again. It troubled him deeply to know she'd again quit his company without telling. Perhaps he was the problem. Grezig's kids helped. Helping her hunt and gently spar again kept his mind working as well as the patrols. 
Vercingetorix had left, not that he and Derg were well acquainted. He didn't care much as long as he didn't come back. He almost hoped Vaati would come swinging by only for the tables to be turned. 

He frowned, looking out into the turbulent ocean with the wind and spray smacking his face and salting his coat. He often considered swimming. Swimming far, far away to see what was beyond the blue horizon. 
"Dè as urrainn dhomh a dhèanamh a-nis, Màthair." He whispered into the wind. He felt lost, but not alone. Where could he go? 
He was staying. He'd made his mind about that.
He watched the lone gull, braving the winds to be tossed about in the sky.
August 14, 2019, 01:05 PM
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        velen too had seen the gull, and the sight of it frustrated him. to be so free, not tied to the whims of a pack that couldn’t keep its leader straight, but one that had offered them solace all the same — he was annoyed, perturbed, wary. 
        the others felt like strangers, and while that suited velen just fine, his children were older now. how would they thrive in a place of shadows?
        restless, he went off to the shoreline under pretense of hunting, and there he paced despondently until the sight of a man he had not before seen caught his eye. sighing, velen opted to approach halfheartedly, hoping to extend some offer of friendship to one who was surely his packmate.
August 15, 2019, 01:51 PM
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His muzzle turned at the approach of his packmate whose name he'd forgotten. Of course, he'd met his as expected when joined but he only learnt names if necessary. 
He gave the man a soft smile and a soft wag of the tail. He was welcome to sit and brood if he wanted. Or talk about his problems; he didn't mind. He could lend an ear and a paw if need be.

"How're you finding the day?" He asked when he came within earshot with a bit more of a grin. This place was doing strange things to him; making his facial muscles move differently. Where he'd usually offer a rude snarl and an f-bomb was replaced with a soft smile and a greeting. Furthermore, he felt like he should be taking care of other wolves around him more other than not and inquiring about their feelings rather than telling them what he felt -- in the past, it'd usually be a hefty grudge just for their face.
Either way, he was certainly different now.
August 22, 2019, 06:39 PM
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        they were well-met, the pair. velen sensed his own discomfort mirrored in the other man, and this went a far piece to disarming the new father. "it's a," he muttered affably, moving closer to offer his own scent and draw in that of his companion. "i'm velen. i'm new here." no need to mention his wife and kids. not everyone needed to be privy to that right away.
        "you doin' a patrol?" the chestnut-eyed wolf asked, deftly switching attention from himself. patrolling was something he did well, moreso than small talk, and he hoped the wolf opposite him would take the hint and immerse them both in a sweep of the borders.
August 28, 2019, 03:38 PM
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The demeanour of the other somewhat perplexed him, but gave it no question.
He was too wrapped in his own thoughts to take the burden of the others. Not unless they were the same.

"Derg." He offered simply. He wouldn't speak more than he should. 
Derg felt as if he could already feel an alikeness to Velen. Perhaps that was why Derg thought him as different from other's he'd met in his life. 
He nodded curtly and stood, inclining his head to walk towards the borders. 
Two was always better than one, especially if you met something unsavory. 

In silence, they walked the coast -- at least unless Velen asked a question -- until Derg himself spoke up.
"What you thinking 'bout?" He knew to lend an ear and give nothing back was what some needed to feel some sense of sanity. Derg could at least do that unless prompted or compelled to give an answer. He didn't watch expectantly. Just asked like any other question and if no reply was given, well that would be that he supposed.
August 29, 2019, 07:50 PM
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        they moved in silence. velen appreciated that, enough to the point that when derg spoke,  he didn't mind so much. "i don't know anyone here and the leadership keeps changing," he admitted. "makes me not want to know anyone. makes me wonder if my family is safe." after all, he'd brought them here for the stability he thought rusalka could offer, and while no harm had befallen dalia or the kids, the constant churn made it hard to relax.
        "what about you?" he asked after a beat. "what's clattering up there in the old noggin?" a smirk. derg was all right.
August 31, 2019, 05:22 AM
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The man's reply surprised Derg. He wasn't expecting to get anything but it seemed Velen was more good-natured than his expression gave.
He listened, thinking about his own situation. He'd panicked initially, but things were turning out ok and he knew Grezig could easily hold her own ground.
But Velen's situation was probably different if he were so worried. His mate probably didn't grow up the same as him and Grezig.

"The pack is safe enough. Your Family is safe." He was certain of that. He didn't believe one would be so heinous as to hurt a family that didn't accept a challenge for their and their children's safety. If so, he'd have to have a say in it.
"No one will harm your Family if they do not wish to take a challenge. Lesser ranks are not abused." He knew that much. He'd keep an eye on this pack. The leadership wasn't stable, but it could be held for certain. The pack wasn't crumbling, as such.

Then the question was turned on him, which earned a soft grin and slight shake of the head.
"I'd prefer not to say."
Ah, so much for being a good counselor. But before Velen could pry further into his life, he upped and left, ignoring any calls behind him. There was things to do.