Blackfeather Woods "Do not shelf me"
All Welcome  August 15, 2019, 02:55 PM
After his lessons with Tundra, and surviving falling to his death and the mean girl, the boy wanted to hunt. He wanted to hunt what plagued him in the woods.
The one that felt wrong. 

The boy, growing fast by being the biggest personality out of his litter, was pulling weight. His baby fat padded him well and he had to work hard to get up to speed. He wouldn't grow into a massive wolf, he was just disproportionate.
So now he was hunting. Tundra told him of pack scent, and he could distinguish the scent of his blood family apart. But now he had to find the wrong one. 
He was near the borders, looking for a scent marker that he didn't know and he could recognise as male. That wasn't hard as most of Blackfeather's members were female. 
He knew which ones belong as there fell heavy on Tundra, but there was one pungent enough to make him think it was the one.

A few hours after his little border investigation, he found himself watching the male. Following from bush to bush and doing his best to stay hidden at a distance.
He never got closer than four trees. Never strayed as far as twelve. 
The boy usually wasn't timid but he didn't like the feeling that was given off. Was he really one of the Daedra? He shivered, stopping when the man did.

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One lie is enough to question all truths.