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Lone Wolves

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Do you think — ow! Her question is cut off by a sharp pain in her paw, and she halts immediately, lifting the offending limb to inspect it. The scent of blood reaches her even before she sees the flash of crimson welling around something embedded in her pad. She lifts her paw closer to her face. A thorn.
@Eastwood She turns to him, uncertain how to approach asking for what she needs. No doubt he's already noticed the way she shrugs off pain in most situations, and she can't help feeling like she has a reputation to uphold. But she hates pulling things out of her own flesh. An uncomfortable shiver runs down her spine at the thought alone, and she glances between her companion and the thorn in her paw with shame clear in her expression.

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Lone Wolves

The sound made him pause and turn to her, his eyes pulled the the drop of blood that fell from her paw to stain the dirt. He met her gaze and raised an eyebrow. Would you like me to pull it out? he asked, fully expecting her to turn down the offer; she was stubborn to a fault about these things. But she had called out to him like she wanted help, and on the off chance that she might be able to push aside her pride and not have to walk around with a thorn in her paw, he had offered. It would certainly become infected, as well as be a painful nuisance, but he wouldn't make her accept his help. That would get him absolutely nowhere. He moved to stand over her paw and inspect it more closely, releasing a sigh as he looked back at Nirali. Looks pretty deep. He watched her expectantly. Would she let him help or not?

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