Sleepy Fox Hollow You already know that you're my weakness.
All Welcome  October 31, 2019, 02:59 PM
She'd noticed it the morning after they'd felled the boar, a discomfort that started in the pit of her belly and a reluctance to face a new dawn. Nyx groaned loudly and curled closer to herself, certain that the stomach ache would be the result of guts unused to regular feeding. She willed it away by tucking her muzzle beneath her peppered tail, letting sleep sweep over her once again. It wasn't often that she slept long into the morning, surely the others could function without her for a few more hours?

When she roused once more, the pain was considerably worse. She unfurled, hoping all she needed was a good stretch to ease it, but if anything the movement made her feel extra awful. Nyx grumbled as she dragged herself upright, a shift the made her feel dizzy and as a result, the urge to vomit swiftly followed.

Thankfully she managed to scramble from her bed and into the open before depositing the rotten contents of her stomach, and she slumped to her haunches as her tongue pitifully traced her lips. Well hey, that was fucking horrific - the last time she'd puked her guts up like that was when she carried pups. Another miserable reminder of how sorry her life really was.

Feeling weak and generally shitty, Nyx withdrew once again into her den with an eagerness to hide herself away.