Witch's Marsh I assure you, i'm not dazzled by your presence
Private  November 09, 2019, 07:20 AM
Uaine Gorsedd
@Kukulkan, perhaps @Ibis when either of us tag you again? ^^

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It was early morning, and the sun was hardly out. The sky was light neutral blue as the sun was to begin it's daily journey. He was seraching a new scent on the marsh, and he'd been able to distinguish @Ibis', but there was someone else...

Perhpas someone who he had yet to meet that the woman had invited to stay in the marsh. Awol was suprised how aucikly wolves were cming to this area to join Ibis and her growing pack of friends. He hoped to seek her out later and discuss his idea to perhaps move to an area with more sheltered tress after the winter. The marsh was intresting, but he could never get sed to the mud the clung onto him everyday. It was almost like he would never be clean again.

He hadn't seen the girl since Bhediya's arrival though, and he silently wished that they would make a unanimous descision to find a permenant skeeping place for them all. As the boy neared the northwest side of the marsh, he could view a rivver that continued to stretch and wind into a grove. He felt a flicker of excitiment. Th boy had never found the time to explore beyond the marsh since his arrival.

But he knew he had to tell Ibis first, he knew her brother was missing, and she would be heartbroken if he decided to leave without telling her and make the worst assumpitions. He groaned and manage to strech himself on a sot patch of long-ish grass, and watched the sk with newfound intent. Perhaps joining Easthollow woul be exhaustful, and he was not a paient man. He began to clean the caked mud from his chest, emmiting low hum as he busied himself...