Witch's Marsh I assure you, i'm not dazzled by your presence
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@Kukulkan, perhaps @Ibis when either of us tag you again? ^^

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It was early morning, and the sun was hardly out. The sky was light neutral blue as the sun was to begin it's daily journey. He was seraching a new scent on the marsh, and he'd been able to distinguish @Ibis', but there was someone else...

Perhpas someone who he had yet to meet that the woman had invited to stay in the marsh. Awol was suprised how aucikly wolves were cming to this area to join Ibis and her growing pack of friends. He hoped to seek her out later and discuss his idea to perhaps move to an area with more sheltered tress after the winter. The marsh was intresting, but he could never get sed to the mud the clung onto him everyday. It was almost like he would never be clean again.

He hadn't seen the girl since Bhediya's arrival though, and he silently wished that they would make a unanimous descision to find a permenant skeeping place for them all. As the boy neared the northwest side of the marsh, he could view a rivver that continued to stretch and wind into a grove. He felt a flicker of excitiment. Th boy had never found the time to explore beyond the marsh since his arrival.

But he knew he had to tell Ibis first, he knew her brother was missing, and she would be heartbroken if he decided to leave without telling her and make the worst assumpitions. He groaned and manage to strech himself on a sot patch of long-ish grass, and watched the sk with newfound intent. Perhaps joining Easthollow woul be exhaustful, and he was not a paient man. He began to clean the caked mud from his chest, emmiting low hum as he busied himself...
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It was a rather odd conundrum that he'd found himself in.

On one side, he technically was no stranger to the region; idly he'd been wandering for over a year, close to two, and on some degree had familiarized himself with the basics of its lands. Their odd day-to-night ratio shifts as the year progressed and regressed, the overall drop in temperatures compared to his home down south, and the strange array of prey and predators alike. Then again, as familiar as he'd like to say he was, he had not truly become accustomed to the finer details. The peoples, the cultures, the customs and legends that held an omnipresent air over it all, those were still simple shades he was aware of, but could not speak about with confidence.

Though he had seen many in passing over countless moons, Kukulkan hadn't had more than a few words with anyone other than Ibis in too long of a time.

Altogether, this left him uncomfortably blind. Naive.

And as amiable as K had always regarded himself to be, vulnerability was never something his bloodline had been adept at handling. It left him with a hot, flustered feeling that came in waves and sunk in deep, almost always just as he was finally getting over it, as he was forgetting about it. He'd be left feeling as though he had to catch his breath all of a sudden when it rushed in, but as a performer, as an entertainer, he never let this outright phase him. A roll of his shoulders, a flex of his limbs, and a flicker of his ear and the towering mass of might continued his stride through the northernmost sector of the marshes, where the mouth of a river meshed with muck.

Here he scouted and scoured, checking for scents that bore hints of hostility, checking for Ibis - her scent seemed to linger in many places, he was always too late to catch her it seemed. But when those efforts came back in the clear, the son of the sea found a comfort in wading through the shallow edges of the river, where the waters longed to breach against the divots of grassy lands. The subtle weightlessness his paws felt, caressed and suspended, when he slowly moved through its gentle currents was a cool, dazzling charm. Reminiscent of home.

Or, at least, as reminiscent as this place could manage.

But as the skies began to break, the softest of lights fading up from the east and casting a chill of blue light across the marshes before him, Kukulkan noticed a figure where the dampness of the marshes gave way to the bravest of trees. "'ey!" Had been his gut reaction, a crow barked across the fragile morning air. With a splash and a heave the wolf exited the edge of the river and made quick of his efforts, an easy, streamlined glide across steadily diminishing grasses as they descended into the shade of the canopies.

"Heya there strang'r, enjoyin' this'ere fine mornin'?" Confidence beamed out of every seam, and Kukulkan approached rather closely. "Do I know ya?" His customary grin was spread wide, though there was a heavy tone of inquiry in his voice. It was, of course, a rather rhetorical question, but the true answer he wanted was whether or not he should know him.

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Awol's right ear swivelled as a sound of a weird call and crashing water, and his eyes returned to the river. He was a bitannyed his alone time had been interrupted, but he had always been alone in truth. Other than his brief conversations with Ibis and Bhediya, they didn't intervene much under the lustufl green canpoy of the marsh. The boy  somewhat blamed himself for not spending more time wiht the woman, she was anxious over her brother and need assitance. He remembered the unfulfilled promise he had made to her, to pull his own weight around. He promised once more mentally, that he would get to it.

A bulky grey wolf was streamlining through the river, and for them it was probably easy and natural, they reminded Awol of the fish that so effortlessly swam through the river, enjoying leisurely days with no care but to eat and swim it seemed. His mind than dug up the painful memories of his father's death, and he was once more scared of the water. He scuttled away, briefly and as collected as he could, from even the most minscule droplet of water. 

The male was an awfully big fish. As he got closer, Awol could distinguish his handsome features and bright yet dark amber eyes. Awol was somewhat dazzled,  he had never felt an admiration for someone's features before because they did not matter to him in love, but it was hard to ignore, and hard to not be dazzled by.

"Heya there strang'r, enjoyin' this'ere fine mornin'?" The man edged closer to Awol, close enough to fully receive that warm, wide smile and beuatiful eyes...

But what snapped him out of his trance, was the new unperceived accent the stranger held, and his botching of the words Awol had grown and learned so kindly and carefully. It wasn't as much as bad, as much as susprising, and new. His eyes blinked in silent wonder.

"Do I know ya?" 

"I don't think so. I live here with my friend Ibis, did she invite you too?" he voice was in a more deep and mature pitch than he had meant it too be, and it gave off the wrong message.