Haunted Wood Retreat and regroup
All Welcome  December 03, 2019, 04:17 PM
Sore and aching he wandered along the borders, angrily rubbing his scent against the trees and pissing pettily over Hela's markings in particular as a silent unspoken vow to get her back some day. He hadn't expected her to try and overthrow him so quickly, he had clearly overestimated their unstable sense of peace. He knew that he had considered her some sort of friend but now, now he looped her into the same group that Orochi was in. She would be taken down one day, whenever the moment called for it and he would work his best to make sure it wouldn't fail when he did. He paused as he heard a few sticks crack somewhere out of sight and his ears flattened back as he growled, voicing his foul mood and turning to wander in the opposite direction. 

@Clay maybe?

8/10 Warrior spec.