Discord and Courtesy
January 12, 2020, 12:58 AM
Hey all!

Lately we've noticed some users expressing frustrations and overall negativity in the discord server.  While we want to keep the space an open channel for players to discuss things, a lot of these conversations are better suited to other spaces.  

That being said, going forward, we will no longer tolerate the following.  
  • Things that you dislike about other players' writing
  • Things you dislike about other players' packs
  • Things you dislike about other players' characters
If you have an issue with any of the above, approach them via PM and talk about it.  The public, passive aggressive callouts are a huge example of discourtesy and need to stop.  If you have an opinion and it is going to make others in the room feel bad, keep it to yourself or express it to them directly.  Full stop.

If we see the above still happening, we will start instituting temporary server bans.  If it continues even after that, permenant bans might be considered.  These rules apply to our team as well as all members, so feel free to reach out to another member of the team if you spot any of us doing the above.  Help us keep the discord a positive space for fun <3

- The CMs/ACMs