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Whitebark Stream
There was new life in the pack. And a new life for herself, too. 
She was dissapointed in the fact that her own genes were not among the new generation, but- she had resigned herself to the fact that she was young, and had plenty of time for that. Even if it wasn't with Aiolos, or with the Spaniard... although to be fair she really hoped it was with the Spaniard. She was planning to wait a bit longer to check the pups, allow them to bond with their mothers before she performed her duties as healer. She still wasn't entirely sure there wasn't a healer already- Though they hadn't met. The healing den now held the sulfur, which, when soaked in water produced a bath that cured SkinRot and could treat IllWater as well.
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Whitebark Stream

he had spent much time exploring the ins and outs of his new home—that was weird to think about. his new home. he had never thought of a place beyond his family's land as 'home,' and even this territory hadn't reached that lofty place in his heart. still, he figured that if he was here for the foreseeable future, it was home, and thus he should know it somewhat well.

surya was moving past one of the dens when he noticed movement inside, and came closer, intrigued. it was not artyom's mate and her pups, nor the other whelping mother. . . no, this wolf was alone, and as he stuck his nose inside with a chuff, his nostrils found the smell of. . .herbs?

what are you doing? the yearling inquired, chipper and curious and completely oblivious to any emotional strife the woman might be facing that present moment.

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