Stone Circle f
August 02, 2020, 01:36 AM
The days continued following the death of his daughter, slipping by as usual; the world did not stop spinning, despite what he believed. But the continuation of life around him did not make things easier—in truth, perhaps it made things more difficult. Less and less was he found around the borders, a task he once valued now seeming meaningless; he was too old to fight, he knew. So often he was around the stones, drifting between them, visiting Nanook and then Scarlett, then back again. It was at the former that he would be found that day, gazing at the stone as his mind drifted away.
August 03, 2020, 08:10 PM
        time healed wounds better than any herbal remedy. he’d learned to sleep again, to confront the phantoms which haunted his dreams; though the trauma still lingered, alsek was learning to be un-afraid, so that he could feel normal again. most of the time not spent tending the lavender patch was occupied with daydreaming. alsek quickly took a liking to the perch which @Arlette had shown him, and it was where he could often be found. 

        still, he was curious about the rest of easthollow — in particular, the stone pillars. alsek decided that morning that he would explore this corner of the territory, if only to know that it was as normal as the rest. as he approached, he spotted the pale figure of a vaguely familiar packmate, who he called to with a quiet bark.

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