The Wall White wolf on The Wall
All Welcome  March 05, 2021, 07:49 AM
Lone Wolves

His prolonged staying in Emberflame Ridge resulted in weight loss, rendering his slender frame with a fragile aspect. When the white wolf left the wasteland behind, he faced the austere watch of the Sunspire Mountains. An imposing, beautiful sight that made the wolf wonder what lies on the other side. He imagined an Eden of lush greens, plenty of game, and beautiful she-wolfs to claim!
Would it be true, or just a middle-aged wolf's delirium?

Only one way to find out.

Guess he was fated to be a daredevil till the end of his life. He was meant to live on the edge, defying the probabilities. It's the only way of life he had ever known. It's this everlasting dance with death that makes life so precious.
He could have sought refuge in the Hushed Willows or Emberwood, and instead, he had set his mind to see the view from the mountain's peak!
The Gods shall watch and judge his call.

He followed the trails, picking the directions that brought him further into higher grounds. His path led him to the ridge of the wall, a narrow path of ancient stone few creatures dare to cross. However, for the few braves with resolve to do such crossing, the reward is a breath-taking view: Amaguq could see the taiga, to the North, slowly awakening from the winter slumber, while verdant lands stretched beyond the southern face of The Wall. As he balanced on top of the narrow ridge, with dangerous cliffs lining up from each side, the white wolf was snapped out from the glorious moment by the obnoxious sound of the raven flocks that seemed to prosper in there.
This time, the birds' gaze was different. Though the wolf feels to have enough endurance to keep going, the black-feathered birds were already looking at its emaciated figure like a potential meal.
Those ravens were the guardians of that crossing and will watch closely every beast who steps in it.
It was funny to think how much Amaguq's perception of those birds has changed as well: he still finds their vocalizations annoying, but he had to admit that ravens looked majestic and keen in comparison with the ugliness and repulsiveness of vultures.