Redsand Canyon How do you get in the mind-state to kill?
March 17, 2021, 05:02 AM
Ivory Rose
Rowan was feeling..restless. To say the least. Like he was missing something pretty darn important.
Something about...maybe that woman Akari? She smelt pretty...good really. But he couldn't place what that was.
He left the woods to find this...missing piece. He needed to.

So he went towards the mountains, very much away from those stupid Redhawks. He wasn't going to fuck with them. Not unless they tried to fuck his shit up. He paused at the thought, looking back to his beloved fortress, a black and green smudge in the green, spring landscape.
And continued on his path.

This place was strange. Unholy even. Fucking sandy like the ocean yet no water as far as he could see. And it was this orangy-red colour. He didn't know if he wanted to be around here anymore, so he started to drift away from the lips of the hellsite, looking for something better to interact with.
Maybe that smell...

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One lie is enough to question all truths.